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Yerevan Park | Armenia | Indoor/Outdoor Park


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This park has been known about for a while since it first appeared on a Vekoma reference list last year. But it seems construction is now properly under way.

The park aims to be the first world class amusement park in Armenia and will have three roller coasters.
A Vekoma 247m junior coaster (Frida at Energylandia and all over Indonesia at the Trans Studio parks) has been installed in the indoor section and a video of the rides installation can be see here.

this concept art shows a well themed indoor section for the park with the new Vekoma clearly visible. The eagle eyed will also spot an SBF spinner hidden amongst the trees

This next image recently added to the parks Facebook shows the arrival of track for a Zierer ESC coaster which will be in the outdoor section. The indoor section will be in that blue and gree building at the back of this image.

A park plan showing the Zierer ESC and the outdoor section of the park can be seen below
There have been deliveries of a number of other rides. Including whatever this is? Anyone have any idea?

More images of construction can be found on the parks official Facebook page here - https://www.facebook.com/yerevanpark/