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What the hell happened to Dollywood's Flooded Mine


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While doing a personal school project on Dollywood I came across one Ride with almost no info...the Flooded Mine. It opened in 1977, and was an exact clone of the SDC one. It sat where Daredevil Falls is now. According to various darkride databases, the Ride closed in 1997. The problem is that Daredevil opened pretty early in the 97 operating season. I have found multiple people online that say it closed long before then. The park and workers say otherwise. Some think that the spare parts where sent to SDC, and the Ride closed because of high maintenance and low ridership. This makes sense...but there are many reports of injuries in the late 80s and early 90s. I doubt most are true, but one thing is consistent on most forums and reports. They where caused by water dwelling Moccasin snakes. Quite a few people know the rumor, and most say the Ride closed around 89 to 92 partially because of the snakes injuring a child. I don't fully believe this rumor.

If you know anything or experienced the ride...please say something below. Old park promos, pics, maps, or a true closing date and reason are welcome. This thread can also be used for other closed and strange Dollywood rides that don't have much info, Thanks.