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Universal Studios Hollywood | Unknown | Fast & Furious Coaster | 2024


Hyper Poster
I actually think that may be for one of these:

Just by this animation, that track rendered is HUGE. In the photos above, it's sitting beside (what I presume to be the white) Falcon's Flight track, and it's visibly thicker in all directions.

Definitely can't rule out that it's for the Drift Coaster, but I thought this could be a very possible option as well.


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Great find! Really shows just how damn massive that blue track is. Based on this, I assume that the orange-circled track is the "regular" LSM gauge, the white/tan track on the right is (presumably) Falcon's Flight track (which I assume to be the larger Hyperion-gauge track), and the blue track is just visibly gigantic. Would not be surprised if that's nearly 6ft wide.
Reinforces my belief that it's for an Ultra Surf. All of the blue track is either straight, concave, or convex.. meaning there's no roll in any of those pieces. The red-arrowed pieces would make sense to be the tops of each spike.


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We have a layout plan!



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This looks like it will be a great addition to USH.

Not quite on par with Velocicoaster, but I feel like they've desperately needed a ride like this for quite a while.