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Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024


Giga Poster
Struggling to think of positive things to say about the new logo, it's properly bland and boring. I can't see where the actual marketing potential is in it. The last logo had the infinity sign, and they were able to make good use of it all the time. What they gonna do with this one? include a pissed up 'o' on everything?

Pissed up O as a back drop seems to be the plan

As has been said they used the Infinity logo all the time for their events and it was associated with TP.

The timing seems all the more bizarre when the infinity logo could have been used in marketing with the silhouette of Hyperia’s layout being very similar to it.
Which is kind of the direction I thought they were going in with the silhouette graphic near BK.


Definitely thought they were going to use the Hyperia layout silhouette with the infinity logo.


As has been said the logo is just so generic and bland. They can’t really do a whole lot with it for brand recognition as it’s just some text.

I’m sure everyone will get used to it eventually but at the moment it gives me these vibes..



Strata Poster
The new logo looks good on that Hyperia poster above, but that's about the only place it does.

I did find the old logo a bit "comic sans" though - the infinity thing was OK but the font notsomuch. Odd that the have gone just for text now (but that's the "modern thing" I guess). That "e___" is going to bug me though 🤣

Disco Lumberjack

Roller Poster
I think the new logo inspires no passion, but the previous one was worse. There is an advantage to it being relatively basic, which is that it can be added to a diverse array of designs very easily. Some of the posters and example merch that I've seen look much better with the new logo than they would have with the old. It has grown on me over the past day.


Mega Poster
It's on the Official announcement trailer too...

Here, if anybody hasn't heard it / seen it, or has and wants to watch again.

It is, but the instrumentation is different from the snippet they played for us. I think it was just an edited down version of the longer ride soundtrack.

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
It is, but the instrumentation is different from the snippet they played for us. I think it was just an edited down version of the longer ride soundtrack.
Maybe it was a WIP?

Thorpe announced on Twitter / No way out that this was the official soundtrack.

Or maybe you're right and it was just a different mix of the soundtrack for queue, station or on ride etc...
Filming for Hyperia's TV advert begins today and it's not taking place in the UK.

This was all confirmed by Thorpe Park in the chat of Dominic Gardener's livestream yesterday evening.

Looking forward to seeing it on the telly in the near future!


Giga Poster
Sadly due to traffic and going late i missed my chance to head down monks walk but i have a couple more chances over the next weeks to 😊

However i did drive past at night on the M3 and.........oh my, seeing it was amazing. It looks great on the skyline and that outerbank turn does look phenomenal.

Here is an update however: Source

More supports have gone up.

The old railway house is being demolished.

And work on the station continues.