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Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024


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Tonight is also Fright Nights Press Night and I believe they're doing the announcement 'live' on park too. So likely something big like name or theme or story.


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Hyperia confirmed then


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Bit clunky? "Hyperia" Hyperion?

S'pose we all got used "Exodus", but its better than that "Intimidator" that was doing the rounds earlier.


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I don’t mind Hyperia, I just prefer Icarus and I was expecting that to be the name.

Anyone know why when they filed for Icarus it supposedly got denied?

Think they should have just gone with the name Exodus when Icarus got denied.

Like how they went back to Stealth when ‘The Edge’ got denied because of Pizza Hut.


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Love that name! Sure Icarus would've been nicer and more unique but this sounds surprisingly fitting for this ride. Curious to hear the storyline behind it. I do hope the transition from gold to white will be a bit more faded than what is shown in the animation though.


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I mean, if they couldn't have Icarus, choosing another Greek mythological figure that just so happens to have the coaster type in her name is not a bad alternative! Picking one of the more obscure members of the pantheon should also give them a decent degree of creative freedom (I at least struggled to find much info on her from a quick Google search).
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Matt N

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Hyperia is an interesting name!

I’m still not entirely sure on it; I think I would have preferred Icarus or Horus, but that could be in large part down to it sounding very similar to Hyperion at Energylandia, from my end. If Hyperion didn’t exist, I imagine I’d probably be keener on the name.

With that being said, it’s snappy, it sounds quite cool, it rolls off the tongue quite nicely, and there are certainly far worse things they could have named it!