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The Pope's UK Visit


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As you may/may not be aware, the Pope is visiting the UK for the first time in 28 years on Thursday, and the first for Pope Benedict as Pope. It's obviously a massive occasion, and a lot of money is being spent on making sure his visit is beneficial, safe and well reserved for the public.

Of course, for Roman Catholics, this is a massive and fortunate occasion, and will no doubt be welcomed with open arms.

So, are you glad the Pope is stopping off here? Do you think the benefits of his visit outweigh the cost? Is his route near to you, or do you plan on trying to get a glimpse? Or do you think the reports of child abuse within the Catholic Church will overshadow the occasion?

Oh, and non-UK members can comment as well - don't just feel because The Pope isn't coming to your country that you don't have a view on his presence, the cost involved etc :p


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I couldn't give less of a ****.

I'm a bit annoyed our "tax money" is being used to fund bits or all of it (can't remember which, that's how much I'm only a "bit" annoyed), but, it's been used for so much worse stuff (like sending that tard to Amsterdam to have sex and anyone on a media studies course at Uni) that it's not that big a deal.


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Why “Protest the Pope”?

The diverse groups who support this campaign have many different reasons for not approving of the State Visit to the UK by the Pope in September 2010. They all however share the following view:

* That the Pope, as a citizen of Europe and the leader of a religion with many adherents in the UK, is of course free to enter and tour our country.
* However, as well as a religious leader, the Pope is a head of state and the state and organisation of which he is head has been responsible for:
1. opposing the distribution of condoms and so increasing large families in poor countries and the spread of AIDS
2. promoting segregated education
3. denying abortion to even the most vulnerable women
4. opposing equal rights for lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender people
5. failing to address the many cases of abuse of children within its own organisation.
6. rehabilitating the holocaust denier bishop Richard Williamson and the appeaser of Hitler, the war-time Pope, Pius XII.
* The state of which the Pope is the head has also resisted signing many major human rights treaties and has formed its own treaties (‘concordats’) with many states which negatively affect the human rights of citizens of those states.
* As a head of state, the Pope is an unsuitable guest of the UK government and should not be accorded the honour and recognition of a state visit to our country.

http://www.protest-the-pope.org.uk/mr-r ... rap-sheet/


Saw this earlier as well (from Penn Jillette's twitter feed) not specifically anti-pope, but anti-religion in general (NWS, some bad language used);

http://tinyurl.com/2b4bkl9 - Hate religion, love people. Don't respect religion, respect people


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Tbh it does not bother me at all, but I am a bit pissed off that cut backs are being made and tax money is being wasted on this.

I do not get why countries have to pay for him to visit, he should just visit if you know what I mean.


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**** him. I really couldn't give a ****.

I find the whole religion thing tricky to get my head round at the best of times, and he's just a mascot. Everyone can believe what they like, fine. Basically I just don't care.

Like I said, **** him and **** everyone who thinks they're clever by discussing it in depth. It's not happened here yet, but I've seen it on Facebook already.

Like that bloke said on the video: "Hate Religion, Love People".


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Cause he has 6 boobs.


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The way I see it is that one of the world's most influential leaders is visiting my country, the country that I love the most.

For that reason alone I'm chuffed that he will be kissing British soil.

Religion plays no part in my life at all. I do not believe in a God.

The Pope represents about 1.3 billion people in the wold, which is more than President Obama or Hu Jintao.

Even if I do consider the values and beliefs of the people who elected the Pope to be fictitious, he still represents a lot of people.

The Pope will always divide, as will every single religious leader.

Therefore I see his visit as the same as any other leader.

It's great that people have faith. It's just a shame it's in something so unbelievable and unproven.

I'll read about it in the paper but I really won't care. It'll bring sone people happiness so that's good. I'll remain unimpressed.


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Happy Pope-pushing! :lol:



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*Not family-friendly beware. But hell funny :--D


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He should have the freedom to come to the UK, merely stopping him would be discrimination, he isn't living here, he's only visiting, and visiting the Roman Catholics of the UK. Great for them.

I have a respect for religion despite having a negative view, I respect peoples beliefs and respect their wishes to pray/worship etc. (why I don't oppose the Islamic Centre in New York) Only thing that pisses me off with religion is when they try and tell you your opinion is wrong, when you've been so humble to them!


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If any other head of a State, with a rap sheet like his came to the UK, they would get the same treatment (and possibly be given a house, benefits and trips to Amsterdam for free sex :p ).

The idea of these visits, paid for by us is to have an open negotiation with other leaders. If we disagree with the rules those leaders have in place, then we can discuss those issues, draw to their attention why we think they're wrong.

In essence, I don't see a problem with this, apart from the fact that the pope is being treated differently. If Pol Pot had been invited to the UK as part of a State visit, I doubt he'd have had such an open welcome and the government would have taken the opportunity to bring him to task. I'm not saying the pope is as bad as Pol Pot, but you know what I mean? The Pope won't be asked any tricky questions, or a discussion won't be opened about the human rights issues the Catholic Church (the pope specifically) openly opposes.

So fine, head of state, come and visit, have the treatment - but let's not forget he's just a bloke in a dress who supports hiding paedophiles and the spread of disease. He's not like, a messenger from god or anything ;)


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I say let him, Britain is a Christian country and Catholicism is one of the main divisions. If this was a Muslim leader wanting to come over they wouldn't dare discuss banning him from visiting for the fear of being branded 'fascist' and 'racist'.


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After the documentary on Panorama last night I couldn't give one for the Pope, the amount of paedophilia that bloke has let go swept away for so many years, so why would anyone support a person that lets this stuff go on.

Sorry a bit strong but thats what I think of him.....


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I didn't watch Panorama, it's a little bit "Daily Mail" for my tastes.

However, I'm slightly less impressed with the visit after being told by officials that the UK is like a third world country (what? under the control of religion who allow unwanted pregnancy and STDs run rampant? I'd have thought it was a good thing for the church?).

Though he didn't mean in a "we live in mud huts and eat flies" kind of way, more in a "we're all backwards" kind of way, which is nice... Or it was his gout talking (I do love how he's now not visiting due to "ill health", though this is the Church, they'd not lie about it surely, integrity is their motto?).

Though this coming from somebody who still thinks wearing a dress in public (it's tradition, 1000+ years old) and adhering to laws laid down 1500 years ago is a good idea... Because everyone was so much more advanced and open minded back then... ;)

Sorry, I'll get off my soap box :lol:


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So today the Pope told everyone that Atheism is bad and that everyone should be Christian.

**** you man in a white cloak..

White cloak?


Yeh they sound about the same.


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He's a religious leader. Why are you suprised that he's telling people to be religious? And before you say that he's ramming it down your throat, he clearly isn't, you must have chosen to watch or listen to what he said.


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jokerman said:
And before you say that he's ramming it down your throat, he clearly isn't, you must have chosen to watch or listen to what he said.

Not while he's living under this roof anyway. :lol:

My brother doesn't dig any Catholic clergy, no matter how much they might want to molest him.