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The coaster you've ridden with the highest statistic for each major coaster stat


Hyper Poster
Tallest Hyperion, Energylandia (77 / 253 ft)
Fastest Hyperion, Energylandia (142 / 88,2mph)
Longest The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley (2.262m / 7,442ft)
Steepest Cool & Fresh (which is was actually steeper than Takabisha and TMNT, 135°)*
Most Inversions Smiler, Alton Towers (14)*
Oldest Rutschebanen, Tivoli Gardens (1914)

Hopefully, The first 2 will change this year by a lot, lets see if Covid allows me to do so. Rides marked with * are still the recordholder.
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Mega Poster
Tallest: Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure (456 feet)
Fastest: Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure (128 mph)
Longest: The Beast, Kings Island (7,359 feet)
Steepest: TMNT Shellraiser, American Dream (121.5 degrees)
Most Inversions: Multiple with 7
Oldest: Cyclone (1927)


Mega Poster
Tallest: Kingda Ka (139m)
Fastest: Kingda Ka (206 kph)
Longest: Steel Dragon 2000 (2549m)
Steepest: Takabisha (121°)
Inversion: The Smiler (14)
Oldest: Rutschebanen (1914)


Mega Poster
Tallest: Kingda Ka (426 feet)
Fastest: Kingda Ka (128 MPH)
Longest: Beast (7,359 feet)
Steepest: TMNT Shellraiser (126 degrees or something?)
Most Inversions: Steel Curtain (8)
Oldest: Jackrabbit (idek)

Austin H.

Roller Poster
Tallest: Fury 325, Carowinds (325 Feet)
Fastest: Fury 325, Carowinds (95 mph)
Longest: The Beast, Kings Island (7,361 ft.)
Steepest: Maverick, Cedar Point (95 Degrees)
Most Inversions: Many Coasters (7)
Oldest: Blue Streak, Cedar Point (1964)
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Mega Poster
  • Tallest: Superman Escape From Krypton (415ft)
  • Tallest Lift Hill: Hyperion (252ft)
  • Fastest: Red Force (111mph)
  • Longest: Incredecoaster (6,072ft)
  • Steepest: Saw (100°)
  • Most Inversions: Colossus (10)
  • Oldest: Rutschebanen (1914)


Mega Poster
Tallest: Red Force 368ft Port Aventura
Fastest: Red Force 111mph Port Aventura
Longest: The Ultimate 7442ft Lightwater Valley
Steepest: Saw 100 degrees Thorpe Park
Most Inversions: Smiler Alton Towers 14
Oldest: Big Dipper Blackpool 1923


Hyper Poster
Tallest: Silver Star 239.5ft Europa Park
Fastest: Stealth 80 mph Thorpe Park
Longest: The Ultimate 7442ft Lightwater Valley
Steepest: Mumbo Jumbo 112 degrees FlamingoLand
Most Inversions: Smiler 14 Alton Towers
Oldest: Big Dipper 1923 Blackpool


Mega Poster
Tallest: Red Force - 112m / 368ft
Fastest: Red Force & Do-Dodonpa - 180kph / 112mph
Longest: Steel Dragon 2000 - 2479m / 8133ft
Steepest: Takabisha - 121°
Most Inversions: Colossus - 10
Oldest: Big Dipper - 1923


Giga Poster
Tallest: Tower of Terror II (115m)
Drop height: Red Force (112m)
Fastest: Red Force (180km/h)
Longest: Silver Star (1620m)
Steepest: Fluch von Novgorod/Rage/Typhoon (97 degrees)
Most inversions: Dragon Khan (8)
Oldest: Rutschebanen (1914)
Youngest: Ride to Happiness (opened July 1, 2021)