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The Best French Fry?

Best type of fry?

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Captain Basic
Slightly inspired by the Mickey D's(the correct way to say it) thread, I wanted to know what type of french fry everyone likes.

Standard cut:

Curly fries:

Steak Fries:


Waffle Fries:

Potato Wedges:


Belgian Fries:


Personally, I find Crinkle-Cut fries to be the best. They have the right amount of salt, and the potato is still nice and soft.

What do you guys think?


The Legend
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Depends on who makes them. :)
I do love waffle fries and curley fries though. If I had to pick between, curley would win.


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This is the best fries. Fact.

If not In-n-Out I'm a fan of natural cut with sea salt (sup Wendy's) or good ole curly fries.

Shoestring can go **** off.

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It was a toss up between chips and wedges, but you can't really beat a nice portion of fluffy, crisp chips fried in proper beef dripping!

Mysterious Sue

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Shoestring. More surface area means they are nice and crisp. Love them covered in rosemary GBK style.
Also a fan of soggy British chipshop chips.

Chris Brown

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Jesus christ this caused me more pain than it should have? How do you even go about picking a favorite from these golden fluffy shapes of goodness? The British in me says nice soggy chippy chips but the hipster in me says the unorthodox curly or waffle fries. Chippy Chips it is.


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Firstly - I like fries to be chunky so that leaves

  1. Curly fries
  2. Steak fries
  3. Waffle Fries
  4. Potato Wedges
  5. Belgian Fries
  6. Chips(British)
  7. Other

Then - I like a bit crispy outside, chewy inside, leaving

  1. Curly fries
  2. Steak fries
  3. Waffle Fries
  4. Potato Wedges
  5. Belgian Fries
  6. Other

Wedges are wedges, and I can't think of any "others" so

  1. Curly fries
  2. Steak fries
  3. Waffle Fries
  4. Belgian Fries

Curly fries > waffle fries
  1. Curly fries
  2. Steak fries
  3. Belgian Fries
Steak fries > Belgian fries.
  1. Curly fries
  2. Steak fries

These two are interchangeable depending on my mood..


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For the last time - it's Maccy D's, not Mickey's.
I love chips, me. I'd quite happily polish off any of those options, but out of the above pictures, I'd say the Belgian fries look the best. I've never heard of Belgian fries - what makes them Belgian? - but they look the best.
Having said that, the Steak fries look good too. As do the curlies.
And the waffles.
I'm so hungry right now...


Matt SR
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I love the steak fries from Berardi's, a local Sandusky diner.


And if you've ever had Cedar Point's steak fries... yup! Cedar Point buys from Berardi's.

Bat Fastard

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Curly fries and Freddy's shoestring fries are by far my favorite. Popeye's Cajun fries are also good. But curly and shoestring are my favorite "type" of fries.


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My family makes fantastic Belgian Fries.

If from a fast food restaruant, Culvers Crinklecut, but Jaggers is a close second. Waffle fries are third.