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"Terminator" Woodie for SFMM


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"Terminator - The Coaster"


LA Times said:
Six Flags Magic Mountain will officially unveil plans this week for Terminator: The Coaster, a $10-million wooden roller coaster scheduled open Memorial Day weekend 2009.

The 2,850-foot-long coaster with Millennium Flyer trains will include a 100-foot lift, five hills, six banked turns as well as visual and audio effects and a loading station fly-through. The three-minute start-to-finish ride reaches a top speed of 55 mph.

The Great Coasters International woodie will be built next to the Déjà Vu looping steel coaster and in the same location as Psyclone, a reviled wooden coaster mercifully removed from the Valencia amusement park in 2006.
— Brady MacDonald, Los Angeles Times staff writer
http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-bl ... moun-3069/

Ugh, I was hoping the Terminator theme wouldn't be true. Never mind, the ride looks good, with a great first drop by the looks of it! (Assuming that is a rough outline of the layout).


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Looks nice, judging by the illustration. That drop looks very interesting :D

Not much more to say really at the mo...


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[GP conversation]
- "Oh, hey, Magic Mountain has got a new coaster! Let's go there and check out."
*drives to park*
- "Huh? Where is it? That yellow one?"
- "Nah, it was built in the nineties. It was there when I was here when I went in 2006. It was built at the same time as Goliath, Scream, Batman and Riddler's Revenge"
- "Was it?"
- "Yeah, they have the same track. They wary it from year to year so that the coasters all doesn't look the same"
- "Oh. Let's go find the new coaster"
*Time passes. They ask an employee*
- "There's Deja Vu. It should be right around here..."
- "WTF?!? That's Psyclone! That's not new! I swear, there have always been a wooden coaster here. They built it at the same time as Colossus. Cheaters! There are no new coasters here!
*They go to complain to the Guest Service*
[/GP conversation]

Well, I think they overdid the drop and the lift on that illustration, but I reckon that we should see some Renegade-ish drop on it. 100 ft. is also quite big for GCI, and the bigger they are, the better reviews have they got (Troy and Thunderhead are the tallest ones). And on what time of year is Memorial Day?

By the way, I love how that journalist has mentioned Millennium Flyer trains.

P.S. Could I start a poll? It would be titled:
[Poll ] SAW: The Ride or Terminator. The Coaster. Which is the stupidest name?


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I like the look of the drop.

It will be a good for the park as at the moment that park is rather bare.


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Yeah, but you may notice that they are trying to fit in the entire coaster in that picture. As a result of that, some parts are epically squeezed together. I reckon we'll rather see a Troy-ish layout, than that insanely steep lift, and manic drop. As far as I remember, most GCIs doesn't have a pre-drop section either.

(OK, I'm aware of Kentucky Rumbler, but others?)


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Just seen the pov of it and it looks really good, has nothing to do with Terminator at all but does look like it will be a good coaster.


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Six Flags really seems to be enjoying sticking speakers in stuff lately. I'd rather them not mess with it. I don't want to here some sound track, I want to hear the coaster.

Besides that complaint, it's a very exciting new coaster. GCI is one of my favorite manufacturers, and this looks like another pretty darn interesting layout. I'm really excited to see this start to go up.


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^You would think so.. but it is a GCI..

I find that they use more twists and turns they any sort of good airtime. You've seen it from all their best rides, and the 2nd place award winner for worst ride name of the century, Terminator, will fit into the mold.


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
^Same person who decided to call a family coaster Saw.

I think this looks cool and all... but I can't help think SFMM needs a flat, not a replacement woodie.


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I just noticed the length... 1,250ft. That's awfully short compared to any other GCI, the next lowest being the new little one in Germany at 2,460. Unless this is a mistake, which I wouldn't really expect, then that's kind of disappointing. Oh well, what's there will be fantastic in terms of that great GCI airtime integrated into their corners.


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Can't wait for this. I havn't gotten a chance to take on a GCI woddie. Anyway, Lots of airtime and a station flythrough, what could be better?


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Its going to be interesting to see how they can theme a woodie with Terminator. I would have associated Terminator with a steel coaster instead. Should be also interesting to see what the onboard entertainment system will feature.

Nice looking layout and anything from GCI I will be looking forward to seeing it when its completed.