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Suzhou Amusement Park To Close And Relocate


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Suzhou Amusement Park in the city of Suzhou, China has announced it will close at the end of the year and move to a new location in the west of the city while the existing park is transformed into a beauty spot.

The park is home to one of the best looking SLC's out there (although it rides like the rest) which features the rarer modified layout as well. Unfortunately the concept art makes it appear the parks main coasters won't be making the move.

A shot of the SLC in it's current location

Concept Art for the new park

Concept art for the redeveloped current park location

Suz3.jpg Suz4.jpg Suz5.jpg
Clearing work on the new site has begun with blasting being completed this month
The new site in the west of the city and can be seen here https://www.google.no/maps/@31.3259027,120.4740647,957m/data=!3m1!1e3

I'm not sure how i feel about this. The current location is gorgeous and the setting for the SLC is one of the best in the world. The park may not be amazing but I liked it when I was there. However the new concept art does also look gorgeous.

I'm not sure why they are making the move from a central location with metro access to somewhere beyond the reach of the current metro lines. Perhaps its space or exorbitant rent?
Further more it doesn't appear at least according to the concept art that either the SLC or the Shuttle Loop will be going. (although it is concept art)
I imagine this is in response at least in part due to the proliferation of large parks in the area (Wanda Wuxi is less than 30mins from the new location) and limited options where they were.

The new park certainly looks nice but I will be sad to see the old park go even with its faults.


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I still find it amusing that they are just moving the entire park somewhere else


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I still find it amusing that they are just moving the entire park somewhere else
It's more like a whole new park really, though obviously under the same name. Apart from some of the flat rides, I wouldn't expect to see anything else relocated.


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Droop a huge net over it, chuck a few birds in and save yourself the effort of demolishing it. I like it.