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Stolen park mascot costume returned


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Poor Wonder Bear!

http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/loc ... 55551.html

The article said:
Wonder Bear, a beloved Jersey Shore mascot, is back home with its rightful owners after parts of the bear were swiped by thieves more than a week ago.

Gillian's Wonderland Pier in Ocean City tells NBC10's Ted Greenberg that the stolen parts were returned yesterday and a man received a $500 reward for bringing the bear back home.

On July 14, workers found only Wonder Bear's head, feet and one hand after burglars broke into a room where the costume was stored. The mascot's torso and other hand were taken by the thieves.

Gillian's says the man found the missing mascot's parts in a dumpster.

Wonder Bear is now being dry cleaned before he'll take his place back on the boardwalk.


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I really hope that the thieves took loads of photos of it in various sexual positions before dumping it.


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I think it's really disturbing that the news article doesn't clarify that this is in fact a costume, and not a real bear, until halfway through the story. Yes, there is a picture, but if it doesn't show then it appears there's some serial killer on the loose dismembering bears and leaving behind body parts as messages. :p

On another note, if anybody decides to use this idea in any way I want some form of credit. ;)