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Six Flags Smoky Mountians

YEAR: 2013

Welcome! Your fellow SFSM fanboy here. I just went to Six Flags Smoky Mountians and, ever since I went 13 years ago, so much has changed.
I entered the park around 2:00 PM. The skyline looked way different then last time i went!
Where other to start, then the beginning?
In 2011, the park managed to score a used Arrow Roaring 20's Corkscrew, which previously operated at:
Kings Paradise, Wyoming park
FunSpot, Winsconsin park
The ride was closed at both parks because they both needed to sell coasters, and Corkscrew/GravityMAX/Tennesee Twister was unlucky enough to be the target. However, it makes a good home here as Tennesee Twister.
Since then, many more coasters have been added, the latest being Goliath last year.
However, there is more.
I found some walls near Tennesee Twister. They seem to have a Mayan theme.
No doubt about it. There is going to be a coaster in this new area. Looks like a B&M Sitdown.
Whoa, TWO COASTERS? Shocking. This one looks like a Vekoma Flying Dutchman.
It says on a sign at the wall that there is a new themed area that will have 4 new rides. This is likely the new area, and it looks like it is the biggest expansion in the park's history.
Great news!
Overall, this trip was good. Very good. I cant wait for the new area!
Later in the day, the park put a leaflet on my windshield, I read it and...

I was shocked.
This is what it said.
NEW FOR THE NEW YEAR! Six Flags Smokey Mountians is proud to announce...


Mayan Adventures will feature 4 new rides and 2 new coasters!

ANACONDA: Spin 360 degrees several times over 100 feet in the air!
MAYAN ROLLER: Be flipped around near a pit and get doused with fire and water!
And the two new coasters:


Race through the Mayan city and go through 5 inversions!

Fly through the sky and over water, going through 3 inversions along the way!
We hope to see you at Mayan Adventures in 2014!


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No feedback? Okay...
YEAR: 2014
Welcome to another update of this park!
First, some sad news, Mayan Adventures is no more. The two coasters (Romeulus and Danza De Los Voladores) had been built, along with the entrance, but they then decided to switch to a different theme. That theme ended up being...

coollogo_com-8910886.png Smoky Mountain Landing! The new area soft opened about a week ago, and was a major crowd pleaser!
Overview of the area. This was before the crowds started rollin' in.
Tennesee Twister. The coaster is 2 different colors: Most of the coaster is in the original Corkscrew color scheme, and the corkscrews (pictured) are colored in it's GravityMAX/Travelling color scheme.
Last photo I took of the park, Superman's Roll Over.
As i got to my car, I noticed another leaflet on the windshield, only this time, it was just a photo with a note saying "Do with this as you please."

Looks like Hurtle De Zhambi from Hershey Hawaii is coming. This is exciting!

Love, Your fellow Six Flags Smoky Mountains fanboy.

(PS. I know you're lurking... Tell me what you think in the comments!)
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(Also, please comment! It would mean a lot to me!)
By 1983, a small park in Wyoming named King's Paradise had been operational for 12 whole years. But however, it was expected that soon, the Anders family, who owned the park, would experience financial trouble in maintaining the park. Seamus, Patrick, and Cathy all knew it was going to happen, but not this soon and not the way it did. Then, they had to make a very desperate move to get money back into their pockets. Regrettably, they were forced to sell one of their major attractions.
Sadly, they chose to sell Corkscrew. The park's first steel coaster and equally as legendary as their wooden coaster Racer. Over the years, this coaster had become the most expensive to maintain, so by selling it, the park saved tons of money to build bigger and better things. Most people find it sad that it had to require getting rid of a great ride...
After the 1983 season came to a close in September, park employees were granted one final ride on Corkscrew.
Deconstruction did not take long, seeing as how Corkscrew is a small coaster.
Soon, by November of 1983, all that remained of Corkscrew was the loading dock, entrance queue, and exit, which the park saved, and used for their new stand up coaster Venom Rail.
Corkscrew at Kings Paradise was sold to another amusement company just a week after it was removed from the park. However the buyers for some reason, kept the track and supports in storage for an extended period of time for unknown reasons...
The buyers of Corkscrew were the owners of an amusement park named FunSpot in the small town of Peppin, Winsconsin. FunSpot is a medium sized park with a few roller coasters. A Vekoma Hybrid (wood and steel) Mine Train coaster called the "Rock N' Roll Express" an Arrow Shuttle Loop named "Lazer Loop" and a tiny Wisdom Rides "Dragon Wagon", In 1991, Corkscrew was finally built and opened to replace the aging Pinfari "Galaxi" coaster.
In 2000, Corkscrew got new trains built by Vekoma and a new yellow and black paint job. It was also given a new name, "GravityMAX".
However, the tanking economy was not kind to FunSpot and they lost enough money to be forced to sell a roller coaster. Coincidentally, GravityMAX(Corkscrew) was beginning to show it's age as people complained of headbanging on the restraints and high amounts of roughness. In 2009, FunSpot's owner thought it would be best if he pulled the plug on the ride.
GravityMAX was replaced by a looping roller coaster built by the Italian manufacturers Sartori Rides, who is known for building the Cobra inverted coaster at Tivoli Friheden. The new coaster's name is Python and it's compact layout includes an Immelmann and a Cobra roll. However, Corkscrew was not scrapped (Thank God)... and in some state carnivals around the US, people reported seeing a black and yellow steel Corkscrew coaster with Vekoma trains operating under the "Corkscrew" name...
tennesee twister.png
Finally, in 2011, the park known as Six Flags Smoky Mountians purchased the coaster, and relocated it to the park. It was first called GravityMAX, but or 2014, it was renamed to Tennesee Twister. The colors also changed, from black and yellow, to all grey, sans the corkscrews, which kept their black and yellow colors.
Now, Tennesee Twister is likely the most historic coaster at the park, and we can say that it will continue thrilling guests for years to come.


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I do always marvel at the people who have the patience to do these "construction update" type things in RCT3. It's such a faff making all the individual sections of track and fencing them off and all that. Fair play.


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The question is, why the heck did they go with Sartori? Cobra was a horrible investment, I hope FunSpot got a really good deal on Python.:D

Also, “Hershey Hawaii”? Really?


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Hi! I have just had the idea to remake this coaster from the Hersheypark Farenhieght teasing, maybe for this park! Here's the video clip:
EDIT: R.I.P. Six Flags Smoky Mountains.
My RCT3 broke and it aint getting fixed. So, sorry.
EDIT 2: Well, by doing basically nothing (looked in the Options.txt file) i manged to get the game working again. More updates soon.
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Sorry for double posting but this is important.
Just a few minutes ago i took a look at the file i had created for the new updates of SFSM. It took me only a few seconds to realize there was no way in hell I was gonna be able to save this piece of shootery.
So yeah, it's cancelled.
My next RCT3 project will likely be a alternate scenario of a Fraroc park. New parks just ain't my thing.
EDIT: Good thing I canned it too. I had to update my computer, which logged me out of my mom's steam account. However, she forgot her password, which means I couldn't log back in, which means I can't play RCT3, or ANY steam game I had. In other words, I CANNOT PLAY RCT3 AGAIN UNTIL I FIND OUT THE PASSWORD.
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