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Shanghai Disneyland building a “high-speed roller coaster”?


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Why would they be accepting bids if it was just a clone of Everest? Surely they'd just go back to Vekoma, given that they do launches now too!
Without looking into it properly, which means I could be chatting total s**t, it could be to do with local laws.

I don't know how it works in Mainland China, but in Hong Kong there are certain laws and restrictions when it comes to how public money is spent, meaning that any kind of construction should be set out for tender (the job is "open" for any company to apply for) before decisions are made. Have they already made their decision before that happens? Likely yes, but they still have to go through the performance that the job isn't directly going to their friend's construction company.

Could be a similar thing here. Vekoma will be building it, but they have go through the performance that it's an open job.

Like I said through, that could be total crap.


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Random but altogether intriguing tidbit of info came up on Themeparx regarding the coaster;
Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 1.37.05 PM.png

In all honesty, we already knew this wasn't apart of the Zootopia, and an Avengers Campus area in Shanghai is very likely on the table. As for the credibility of the source, Jake from Jake's Journeys is a Disney YouTuber based out of Shanghai, so take his word however you will. In any case, I'm willing to believe that Shanghai Disney is presently developing a high-speed Spiderman launch coaster for who knows what year.