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Not sure if anyone has seen this channel or the selection of videos, but hey ho, worth sharing here...

A fellow enthusiast sorta 'vlogged' (if you will) his time visiting several UK parks during the 1994 season. There's 4 videos in the series, so worth watching them all to see Nemesis, The Big One and Shockwave on their opening year. He even captures The Big One opening ceremony and many other interesting things along the way.

I don't think too many people have seen these considering the lowly view counts, which I think makes them even more intriguing to be honest. It's just weird to see such a nostalgic year in a semi-vlog format.

There's loads of other great videos from earlier years too, such as behind the scenes footage of Thunderlooper (with some Nemesis construction in the background). Enjoy!



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Not sure if I'd rather be tucked inside a bobsleigh not looking up, or going face first on a tea-tray, or feet first with a bloke on top of me.


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This guy's channel is honestly a treasure trove of British theme park nostalgia.

Here's another uploaded a few days back - Oblivion's opening day.
Again, strange to hear a bunch of enthusiasts eagerly admire and anticipate a coaster that is now well established and basically part of the furniture at Towers.



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There's a short piece on the Battersea Park Big Dipper accident on the BBC, including some footage and pictures of the ride and the aftermath which I had never seen before:

It's coming up to 50 years since the accident, and it's still the biggest ever loss of life in a roller coaster accident.


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To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Swarm at Thorpe Park, I interviewed You Me At Six at the top of the ride for Kerrang. Admittedly I've never been fussed on the idea of a coaster climb before, but the views were excellent and I would do it again. We did the interview when the park was open so I got to watch Stealth dispatch from birds eye view which was very special!

Here's the Kerrang article if you wish to read it :)



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Just been sitting on my sofa with RCT up loud, saw something on This Morning (ITV UK) they are doing a bit about roller coasters on Monday, didn't hear too much, but saw Colossus at Thorpe on it

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If any of you are interested, CIATechnologist uploaded a video a few weeks ago discussing the stages of designing and building a roller coaster, with Wicker Man at Alton Towers as its case study:
John Burton, Merlin Magic Making Creative Lead, is on hand to discuss this, and he says some really interesting stuff! It's definitely worth a watch, in my opinion.


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God forbid someone should go on a roller coaster and, y'know, enjoy it for what it is. No, she has to do a "challenge" at the same time. TV people are the worst people.
To be fair, she's riding Shockwave - gotta find something interesting to do.


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With Oktoberfest opening this past weekend in Munich, clips from our old Olympia Looping POV were used for a short SAT1 (German TV channel) video about what goes into the TÜV inspection of the coaster each year at the event (for those of you that understand German or want to try and guess what they're saying).

I also have a copy of the hour long Faszination Achterbahn (Fascination Rollercoaster) video from German TV channels ZDF/ARTE, if anyone is interested. It takes a look a us goons in a positive light and features many familiar faces from the industry. It's also only available in German w/o subtitles, but if you want me to post a link just reply and if enough of you want to see it I'll try get it up as well.

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Sorry if it's already been posted, but I have found a documentary/educational short from the 90s about the mathematics that went into Nemesis.

It's hardly Top Gear though, I think they have picked out 3 of the most boring people to present a program.
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Hope this allowed... was wondering if anyone knows of any articles which explain the process of exporting a 3D CAD model into a CAE model for steel tube fabrication? Or how steel fabricators can turn a design into plans for fabrication


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If you want a good laugh watch this. It's basically a commercial for SFMM but produced by someone who even admits that thrills rides isn't his thing. I respect the honesty.

Count how many mistakes he makes. Personally , I couldn't keep taking it seriously after he said this about Colossus: "Here a lot of the original track is still here, it has been completely redone though, and is now called the Twisted Colossus". Is it original or is it redone? 🤨