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MADRUD, Spain (AP) – Earlier this morning, Spanish theme park firm, “Parques Reunidos” has announced that they have finalized plans to purchase the local amusement resort, “Knoebels Amusement Resort”.

“We see great potential in this location” sia director and chairman Peter James Long. “Our shareholders have shown great interest in expanding our assets. This location has a very good reputation, so we are extremely confident in the future of this property.”

The resort was sold for $15,000,000 earlier this morning. The Knoebel family has stated that they have “been thinking for days about this”. Richard Knoebel says, “it was a very tough decision, but we have faith that these new owners will continue the tradition our family has kept alive for many decades.”

Parques Reunidos will take over management of the park by the time it reopens for the 2018 season.

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