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Knott’s Berry Farm | MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress | Schwarzkopf Launch Refurb | 2024?


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I think hydraulic launches are considered obsolete these days; none have been built for a decade now. It's a shame because they're much more punchy than LSMs, but there must be huge cost/reliability benefits of LSMs since they have completely taken over.


Matt SR
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Didn’t realize WB’s had done the conversion - agree on LSM being a good fit, especially as they double as brakes making it a simpler ride system. Last I rode it, forgot how sharp a brake bite there is coming down off of the back spike. If there’s desire to mirror the same acceleration, equally doable. 0-55 in 4 seconds isn’t exactly a rocket.

Steely Dan

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It always pleases me to see an old Schwarzkopf getting invested in and refurbished instead of hauled off to the scrapper.

These old shuttle loops obviously aren't making anyone's top 25 lists anymore, but they're still solid roller coaster fun!

california screamer

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I grew up in Southern California and I love this ride. Even though it's an old coaster it has a pretty dedicated following among casual park goers and people consistently queue up for it. For being a relatively small park, Knott's makes excellent use of Montezooma's tiny footprint.