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Fury 325 vs Intimidator 305

Fury 325 or Intimidator 305?

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Matt N

CF Legend
Hi guys. Within the Cedar Fair chain, two giga coasters exist that have their height in their name; both Fury 325 and Intimidator 305 follow the same sort of naming convention, with both names consisting of an intimidating word followed by the coaster’s height. So while I know that this sounds like a bizarre comparison, I’d be intrigued to know; which of the “[intimidating word] [height]” Cedar Fair giga coasters do you prefer?

I’ve done neither, so I can’t really pass a full judgement. From the perspective of having ridden neither, I’d say I’m looking forward to Fury 325 more than I’m looking forward to Intimidator 305, as its layout looks more appealing and I generally like B&M more than Intamin, but I’m open to surprises. As I’ve ridden neither, my current judgement is undecided; I never like to pass full judgement in these polls unless I’ve experienced both sides of the coin.

But which of these two giga coasters do you prefer?


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Having done both now, it’s close. They’re only 3 spots apart from each other in my rankings, but Intimidator just fits my taste in coasters so perfectly. I can absolutely see it going the other way though, and it’s really a toss up that’s almost entirely decided by your taste in rides.


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While I really, really like I305, Fury 325 wins it. I305 is certainly more intense, but Fury has what is by far a more interesting layout. The first 3/4 of the ride blows your face off from the raw speed while ripping through turns interjected with random pops of airtime. Then, after a brief reprieve in the helix, it caps off the ride with some super nice airtime hills. It is a masterpiece. I305 is most just some high g turns with insanely quick direction changes that try to decapitate you. Fun, but just not as good as Fury.

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Rode both many, many times in 2019.

Fury offers the more consistent all-round experience. Speed, twists and airtime

I305 goes over the top with its intensity, has "snappier" twists, ok airtime... but its trim brake disrupts the pace and makes the whole experience uneven. Oh, and the restraints aren't to the level Intamin produces nowadays.