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Bat Fastard

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Not sure if this topic has already been created or not, but I couldn't find it.

Who are your favorite Youtubers that you watch on a regular basis?

Mine are-

TmarTn- Favorite gamer Youtuber. Even though I think the quality of Call of Duty games is declining (his main channel is dedicated to CoD), I love his personality and his other two channels (TmarTn2 and Trevs and Chels) are great.

Jeremy Jahns- Favorite movie reviewer on Youtube, very funny and I like his rating system

Coaster Studios- Favorite roller coaster Youtuber, as he does more than just the POVs and offrides.

AlternateHistoryHub- Interesting things to think about.

Brice Milleson- Love his amusement park music videos, if you haven't seen them, look up his channel. They're great.

Chris Stuckmann- Another movie reviewer I watch frequently.

A Dose of Buckley- A very angry Canadian makes for great entertainment.

FPSRussia- Badass guns and big explosions. Yes please

ThatDudeinBlue- Cars are one of my passions and this is my favorite automotive channel on Youtube. This dude has incredible filming and editing talent.

CinemaSins- It's fun to see both movies I love and hate get picked apart.


Captain Basic
NerdCubed- British comedy gamer with both complete and edited L.P. videos.

Mini Ladd- Same as above, but more focused on edited L.Ps.

Edit: accidentally hit enter.

GradeAUnderA- the best MS Painter with a collection of hilarious 'rants' if you can call those rants.

Alternate History Hub- Super funny alternate history vids with loads of references.

Eclectical Engineering- A smaller channel, but they make really cool engineering projects.

Game/Film Theory- Pretty self explanatory. Theories on games and films.

SuperCarlinBrothers- Pixar and other movie theories.

SeaNanners- Give this man a game he never played, and he'll be the best at it in 5 minutes.

Midway Mayhem- The best way to keep up to date on various Orlando projects.

Flabaliki- AU gamer who has a very similar taste for my game style.

Silvarret- A god at RCT3 and Planet Coaster

Joe Gran- A hilarious parody animator.

Ashens- This man goes to the Dollar Store, buys the worst things, then shows everyone on his couch. Also very subtly funny.

Bright Sun Films- Mostly known for their Abandoned series, also a Disney fan.

CinemaSins- I only watch if I've seen it, or have 0% chance of watching the actual movie.

I Hate Everything- He really does.

Will Pemble- A dad who builds coasters with his kids. Dad standards are here.

ZeroGravity55- Extremely small NL2 player who makes some of the best projects I've seen.

Yeah, I watch a lot of people. :)

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CF Legend
Dr Ashens
Lazy Game Reviews
Linus Tech Tips/Channel Super Fun
The Jeremy Kyle Show.

4 Youtube channels that will fill up my dinnertimes at work.


Goon of the Year
The Gaming Duo
Yogscast Kim
Most other Yogscast members

Pink Cadillac

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I don't really use youtube for any stuff apart from theme parks
Coasterforce - :lilangel:
Midway Mayhem - I've been loving their non-Orlando park reviews recently.
So Cal Attractions 360 - The best Disney PoVs
iThemepark - Overviews/walkthroughs of the Orlando parks
MiyaPa Masane - China POVs
Sharp Productions - more theme parks + I love the HHN videos
The Necki Menij Show - This used to be brilliant take on stan culture


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Spencer FC - Chilled football content.
442oons - Comedic animated football content
True Geordie -Loud football content.
Copa90 - More football
Aarava - F1 content
Slow Mo Guys
Spen and Alex - Spencer FC and his girlfriend's vlogging channel.
Mushroomproductions ;) - Rollercoaster Review Show!

Edward M

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RedLetterMedia is my main channel because it is by far the best. Content which is usually hour long videos that are well edited and absolutely hilarious. If you have time to kill, check out their Plinkett reviews of the prequels which are some of the best reviews on the internet. They are just the best channel to follow (especially for movie lovers).

I Hate Everything (funny enough)
GradeAUnderA (funny enough)
YMS (doesn't make many videos, but they are always good)
Super Deluxe (search Vic Berger and pretty much every video by him is gold)
Coasterforce ( :wink: )
SoCal Attractions 360 (Amazing Disney POV videos, best on the internet IMO)
LastWeekTonight (quality show)
JonTron (hilarious videos, always love when he posts)
Cinema Sins (good to kill time)
Screen Junkies (Honest Trailers are usually good)


Matt SR
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As if I need anything outside CoasterForce!? :razz:

A mixture of gaming, comedy, DIY, and geek tech:

- Hardware Canucks
- Awesome Sauce Network
- Linus Tech Tips
- Jayz Two Cents
- Paul's Hardware
- Jonathan Morrison
- Austin Evans

- Motortrend
- Mighty Car Mods
- Regular Car Review
- Jalopnik

Gaming/Let's Play:
- Rooster Teeth
- Achievement Hunter
- Funhaus
- Let's Play


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Channels I’ve been watching recently:

Tom Fawkes – Various let’s plays, mainly Nintendo stuff

Flabaliki – PC gamer, his stuff can range from GTA to RCT

Yogscast - Currently watching their GTA videos. (I used to watch their Minecraft stuff years ago)*

Nintendo – Official Nintendo Youtube page.

Coasterforce – Obviously ;)

Coaster Studios – I go here mainly for his theme park vlogs and parodies. I’ll watch his countdowns as well, but most of the time I don’t agree with him.

Theme Park Worldwide – British Coaster goon. I only really go here for his vlogs as well, but they’re much longer and span throughout his visits at each park.

StephenVlog – He’s done daily vlogs of himself since 2010 I believe. A lot of them are just fun and games with his friends.

*Actually, I used to watch a lot of various Minecraft stuff years ago… until everyone started doing it and I got bored of game and everyone's coverage.