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Favorite form of entertainment media?


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What is your favorite way to relax? I'm talking about movies, tv shows, video games, books, etc.?


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I like to mong out in front of the telly in the evening, usually watching episodes of a drama series.


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Ian said:
I like to mong out in front of the telly in the evening.

I hate loving to do that :lol:

My favourite forms are films and gaming; I rarely get time to do either though.

When I do have time on my own to do them, I'm often so confused by the availability of choice, I just spend all my free time looking through my lists of games and available films; trying to work out which one to play/watch until I no longer have time to play/watch them.

So in reality; I probably spend more time reading as I can escape by running a bath and lying in it for an hour, or reading in bed.

If I had the time/company/money, I'd live in the cinema. I love watching films on the big screen and it's probably my favourite way of being entertained by media.

I love playing new games though. I get really excited about a new game experience and love to just enjoying a new game. When I've bought a new game, I actually force myself to have enough time to play on it substantially. My collection is filled with games I've played for 10 hours in the first week and then never touched again because I've lost the ability to find the time to get back in to them. A new game snags my interest though and then the older one is forgotten. I'm such an ADHD gamer :lol:

I also tend to obsess (I suspect most people do). If I hit a good book (or series), I'll read it in all my spare time until I'm done. Likewise if I can find a good TV series (pretty rare, I'm not a big TV watcher) that's available in its entirety, I'll watch two or three episodes a night until it's all done.

So I think if I have time* it's:
1. Cinema
2. New games
3. Films
4. Old Games
5. TV

If I don't have time:
1. Books

*Time is relative... All my time is consumed by relatives you see. Between coming back from work and bed time (between 8 and 9), the TV is off limits to anything adult as Maxi-Minor_Furie is about, usually watching/playing what he wants. So most of the films/games I want to enjoy I can't. Plus it's "household" time, so sorting out food, cleaning, etc.

After 9, it's adult time, so that means Madame_Furie catching up on all the TV she has recorded that she can't watch when MMF is about earlier on. We try to split the TV use, but I tend to find (as I need to shower in the evening :p ), that it's usually gone 9:30 before I get a chance to "do stuff for Furie", and by that time, I'm too knackered to play a game and a film will go on past my bedtime. So I just let Madame_Furie have the TV while I go and lurk with a book in the bath/bed. My life is so exciting ;)


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Films by a long shot. Then usually TV. Does endlessly browsing the internet and not actually do anything useful on it count? If so, I do that a lot too.

Jason Voorhees

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I LOVE movies and I would consider myself a movie buff, but I don't think it is the best way to spend a lazy late afternoon-early evening-just-sitting-around-at-home.

1. TV
2. Internet
3. Video Games
4. Board Games
5. Movies
6. Books


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ciallkennett said:
Does endlessly browsing the internet and not actually do anything useful on it count? If so, I do that a lot too.

Haha same! :lol:

Probably films - love going to the cinema and renting DVD's. After that I like to read. Rarely watch TV, I tend to watch whole series in one go on boxset.


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Tv is my favourite although sometimes I play video games with the tv on in the background. Video games are my second favourite. I also listen to quite a lot of music. I get bored watching films.


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1. Mindless internet surfing
2. Video Games (I've been playing The Last of Us since June...it's THAT good)


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1. Random internet surfing/constantly checking CF
2. Listening to music
3. Reading- Books are good. Enough said.
4. Movies- I enjoy movies, but don't go out of my way to watch them.
5. TV-Hardly ever watch anything. When I do, there's a 90% chance its either Mythbusters or 1960s Batman
6. Video games- I lack a console, but have a steam account I use once every month or so.

Darren B

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I spend between 3-4 hours a day in the car so Radio 1 has become part of my life now, I really enjoy Nick Grimshaws breakfast show, Scott Mills in the early afternoon and Greg James for the drive home.

As for TV, I don't actually follow a TV show anymore, Sopranos and the U.S office have finished, Two and a half men has gone down the drain so I only tend to watch TV for live sport. Like everyone I watch movies, but tend to watch my DVD collection or use Netflix for that.

As for gaming, I play Fifa, that's it. I don't play COD, and I don't play online, I'm terrified that once I start I'll become addicted.


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Internet Surfing followed by specific TV.
When my son is awake it's kids stuff on the telly so, like Furie, me and the wife only get the evenings to watch our stuff. Also like Furie, madame gets to watch her stuff first. Fortunately we both like the same shows so we'll catch an episode or 2 of Family Guy, Supernatural, New Girl, Walking Dead every night. I also watch live footy and MOTD.
Unfortunately, it's been Big Brother season so she's been watching that a lot, and I go back to lurking the internet.

Used to love gaming (was a huge WoW nerd) but the only stuff I play now is Fifa and Gran Turismo, and that's only for an hour or two every weekend.