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Does anyone here have the dimensions of different track types?

I've been getting into CAD recently and have been making sections of coaster track. I was just wondering if anyone here had the dimensions of different manufacturers track types so I could make my models to the correct scale. Something like the images below that I found on an old ThemeParkReview forum thread?

Thanks in advance guys :)



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Anybody with that type of information is unlikely to share it. I recommend using photos, the tools available to you, and your own personal judgment to make educated guesses. Then tweak your dimensions as necessary to get the correct appearance with a reasonable scale. It's good practice.


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Here's a larger one that I remember, B&M Wing:1692802145930.png

Fairly certain the 1200mm gauge shown here is the same for all B&Ms (minus the obvious D8/D10 dive coasters, and the new smaller-gauge SeaWorld Orlando ride)