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Defunct attractions that if brought back would add something to their park

Joseph Hudson

Roller Poster
Pretty simple really what defunct attractions if brought back would add something to parks current line up. i've got two for towers Toyland Toys and Ripsaw both would just round off the line up nicely

Coaster Hipster

Giga Poster
Eagle Fortress back to Everland.
The park would still offer one of the mightiest 1-2 punches in the entire world, with T-Express and this epic terrain suspended.

Hypersonic XLC, if resurrected in a reliable way, would still deliver a launch experience unlike anything else in the Western Hemisphere.

I'd also trade Banshee for RMC Son of Beast. Massive chunk of wood - potential for a Hakugei/Iron Gwazi experience!

For the lulz, I'd love to see Ultra Twister back to Six Flags Great Adventure. Would still have marketing power as America's only Pipeline Coaster haha


Hyper Poster
Gamla Bergbanan at Liseberg. This is a 980 meter long woodie built in 1923. At the time it was the biggest in the world. I imagine it rode similarly to Rutschbanan at Tivoli and I absolutely love that thing. Gamla Bergbanan got an incredible abstract paintjob in the 50s and probably had the coolest paintjob of any coaster ever.


If it got rebuilt at the park it would add some old time charm while also providing a unique and family friendly attraction. Sure, Balder is probably a 100x better woodie but this is just too charming.


Roller Poster
I would love to see David Pickstone's Wild Mouse back to Brean Theme Park replacing Magic Mouse. Because this is a last Schiff wild mouse coaster left in the world, and Magic Mouse is not as good as this one.


Mega Poster
Wild Mouse for me 100% at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

That thing was probably my second favourite coaster in the UK- it was just so brutally intense. it had crazy lateral G’s, aggressive airtime, and very minimal restraints (practically just a seatbelt)!

The best part about the ride is that it looked so innocent in the corner of the park. it stands so small, looking like a Fun family coaster. That thing makes hyper coasters look tame (Big One is mild compared to Wild Mouse)
It was shocking and unique, I still to this day am glad I rode it


Giga Poster
Walibi Belgium getting rid of its train ride when they built Exotic World was a bit of a shame. You can still see the two stations and parts of the layout on Google Maps, and it would've been nice to have a transportation ride that took you from near the park entrance and dropped you off at the very back of the park near Tiki-Waka and Kondaa, since it's a bit of a trek on foot.


Mega Poster
. Raptor Attack at Lightwater Valley, it was honestly a hidden gem coaster for them
. Ripsaw at Alton Towers, they need more flat rides and this one with theming was a solid one
. Wild Mouse at Blackpool (needs no explanation)
. Loggers Leap at Thorpe Park, although i'd rather have Exodus, this would just do the job
. Pirates Adventure at Drayton Manor, classic dark ride


Hyper Poster
Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld. Yeah, it was an obnoxiously long footprint that cut right through the middle of the park, has terrible capacity, and it wasn’t the most interesting ride. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved the rush it provided.

Tomb Raider at Kings Island. Not the Crypt, but Tomb Raider. It gave the park a more notable flat ride and one that was a must do. I really really don’t like top spins. So much so that I skipped Talocan at Phantasialand. However, I thoroughly enjoyed Tomb Raider with its theming and ride cycle that interacted with said theming.


Giga Poster
The Southport Cyclone - if that hadn't been so hastily demolished then it could have been the jewel in the crown of the funfair that has operated on the site ever since.

Steely Dan

Mega Poster
Total childhood nostalgia answer, but I'd love to live in a world where the old Pirate Ride at Cedar Point was still in operation.

Certainly nothing close to the best dark ride ever made, but I did love riding it as a kid, and it is the type of ride experience that CP currently lacks.

Edward M

Strata Poster
It’s gotta be Epcot, right? A park that opened with a fully realized concept and has slowly gotten rid of said concept. But it’s a bit harder to say which ride would be best to bring back. Bringing back Horizons could do wonders. As the sort of “thesis” of the original park, it had elements of all the original pavilions and could still act as the heart of the park even as all the other original rides leave.

However, I do think Horizons would be quite dated by now. I would be able to view it as an interesting exploration of the 80s view of the “future,” but I don’t know if your average guest would see it like that. I imagine it would be seen as something that should have left the park back in the 90s. Now the original Journey to Imagination on the other hand was fairly timeless. It had that same feeling something like Haunted Mansion or Pirates of the Caribbean has, where it embraces its purpose or capturing a mood instead of educating about the future. So, while I’d prefer to have Horizons, I think Imagination would be the best fit for the park at this point. But instead we have Eric Idle in “I really wish I weren’t here right now” the ride.