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CF Speed Build Competition | Round 5 - Final | VOTE for your winning layouts

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster

All entries have been in a while (sorry,) and it's time for you to pick your favourites from the entries listed below.

Please pick your top 5 entries, from 1st to 5th. You should base this decision on the coasters you would most like to ride.

Points will be awarded to the contestants chosen for each person that votes as follows: 1st = 5pts, 2nd = 4pts, 3rd = 3pts, 4th = 2pts and 5th = 1pt

Please also pick your choice of 'Most Realistic Layout' considering things like forces involved, likelihood of existing etc etc... As well as your pick for 'Most Original Layout' considering things like completely new elements, elements new to the coaster type, etc.

I will put a voting template at the bottom of this post.


Some additional rules for contestants only:

  • You MUST vote, or face a deduction of 5 points from your allotted total.
  • You cannot vote for yourself.

You have until 9pm GMT on Sunday 21st August to vote.




@Matt N

Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ound-5-entries-final-round.45596/post-1135598



Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ound-5-entries-final-round.45596/post-1135666



Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ound-5-entries-final-round.45596/post-1135977



Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ound-5-entries-final-round.45596/post-1136379



Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ound-5-entries-final-round.45596/post-1136399



Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ound-5-entries-final-round.45596/post-1136426



Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ound-5-entries-final-round.45596/post-1136446



Video -

Entry Post - https://coasterforce.com/forums/thr...ound-5-entries-final-round.45596/post-1136474


As a side note folks, I apologise again for the delays, I have been super busy at work and elsewhere (if you look through my history, I've generally gone missing around this time of year in the past, I'm a cold weather coaster fan :p ) Whilst the voting will end on the date stated, it may take me a little while to share the results, as things won't quieten down now for me until September. Please hold tight, I will get round to it.


Hyper Poster
1st) @HeartlineCoaster - The roll after the launch, Immelmann stall and the high-speed finale surprise (after the last big drop) were my favorite parts.

2nd) @Niles - This layout is loaded with excellent dueling moments - it'd be mesmerizing to watch in real life.

3rd) @FistedColossus - The mountainside terrain makes for some disorienting inversions and one extremely unique layout.

4th) @Skyye - As always, this layout is impressively smooth for Planet Coaster. That final barrage of bunny hills (plus the barrel roll) looks like a better version of Steel Vengeance's ending.

5th) @Thecoasterrus - I particularly enjoyed the unique elements here (jojo roll, surprise barrel roll after the first drop, vertical loop).

Most Realistic Layout: @Coasterotter - This layout feels most like a smaller-scale RMC design: a variety of airtime with some funky inversions thrown in as well.

Most Original Layout: @FistedColossus - See above.

Nicky Borrill

Strata Poster
This was really bloody hard to pick, there isn't a bad one there at all!!! But then I am an RMC Fanboy. That last spot honestly could have gone to anybody. I very nearly gave it to @Thecoasterrus for the funny signs, but in the end it went to @Matt N, I was super impressed that he managed to capture the spirit of RMC despite never having ridden one, extra kudos for that! (Lots of POVs?)

1. @Niles
2. @Kw6sTheater
3. @FistedColossus
4. @HeartlineCoaster
5. @Matt N

Most Original: @Niles

Most Realistic: @Coasterotter - (Brilliant profiling in places, if you'd made it taller, faster, longer with more of the fun elements, this would have been a top 5, maybe top 3 contender!)


Giga Poster
1st) @Kw6sTheater - Love the launch, beautiful layout with great moments that does feel quite realistic.
2nd) @FistedColossus - Very creative, great layout full of nuts ejector.
3rd) @Thecoasterrus - Brilliant selection of powerful funky unique elements.
4th) @HeartlineCoaster - Some nice big drawn out elements that would give great forces.
5th) @Skyye - A massive yet graceful coaster, with loads of solid airtime.

Most Realistic Layout: @Coasterotter - I can see this going to a small park somewhere honestly.

Most Original Layout: @FistedColossus - Now that's a mountain coaster.


Roller Poster
1st) @FistedColossus - Definitely the most unique setting and I like how that's used to start with a huge drop and outer bank before going onto a layout where you dive from ledges and stay high up in the mountain slowly winding your way down.
2nd) @HeartlineCoaster - A cool coaster with nice variation between the inversion speed and good terrain usage.
3rd) @Niles - A lovely racing coaster with very nice interaction between the trains along with lots of airtime.
4th) @Kw6sTheater - I liked the terrain usage along with variation in the banking of the airtime hills and the launched lift hill.
5th) @Matt N - This coaster seems like it would be very aggressive and unrelenting all the way through with a nice mix of inversions.

Most Original: @Thecoasterrus - I love the extended pre-lift section, the vertical loop sunken into the ground, and the low to the ground heartline roll. Also, nice support work on the stall and loop.

Most Realistic: @Kw6sTheater - Very smooth and well shaped with nice RMC elements.