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Alton Towers | Nemesis Reborn | B&M Retrack | 2024


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I do want to like the new paint job but it's just not my cuppa.

Hey, maybe seeing it in person will bring me round.

I'm now more curious as to how much of an overhaul both the interior and exterior of the station is going to get.
With the dawn of this new paintjob, I suppose it also begs the question what the new trains will look like.

Personally, I think it would be cool if the wheel covers were made to look like the red tentacles or something.


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Money spend on the track paintwork could have gone to upping the theming.
Do like the black, but the red vines, not so much.


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I just really hope they make it make sense.

The track was a bone kind of colour, it looks as though it was an extension of the alien fleshy beast. The pinkish/red-ish flesh colour with the bone was all very organic and kind of gruesome.

The black doesn't quite have the same effect and doesn't really match that fleshy organic feel. The station will need to change massively for me to think this is going to work, with the alien itself becoming black/darker with red tones?


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I just.

I just don't know how I feel. I think a lot of us feel the same, right? Seems it from skim reading.

Part of me is just so impressed to see something SO DIFFERENT when it comes to track paintjobs that I can't be angry. And part of me is like, yeah it's tacky, but that's kinda the 90s Tussauds vibe.

I just think it looks a bit... idk, bad... Maybe? I legit can't tell.

It's like that subreddit, I think it's called ATBGE...? Awful taste but great execution. 🤣

My main concern is it's gonna fade bad and be impossible to upkeep. Black and red are both really fast to fade. The good thing about the old design was even when it got covered in green slime, it looked the part. It looked ancient. Like it had been there forever.

The thing is, the average guest doesn't see that do they - they saw a moldy old white coaster in a mucky puddle.

I kinda wish they'd just done black box section and red rails. I don't think any UK coaster has that? You see it quite a lot in the USA and it looks cool as hell.


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The thing is, the average guest doesn't see that do they - they saw a moldy old white coaster in a mucky puddle.
Honestly, this. Having never actually seen it in person, every time I saw pictures of old Nemesis I thought “wow that steel is in horrible condition.” It wasn’t until I started reading about the new paint job that I learned the rust color was “part of the theme”

I kinda wish they'd just done black box section and red rails. I don't think any UK coaster has that? You see it quite a lot in the USA and it looks cool as hell.
I love this idea. You could even make an argument that red rails and bracing would look sufficiently like arteries against a black box.


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Rode the "new" Sub Terra yesterday. Was down all morning but timed it to perfection as I was heading to the Nemesis Observation platform as it reopened. No proof of this but must have been in the first group of the day on it (at ~14:15...). Much the same as it was before the closure, only they've tamed down the ending. No actors screaming at you to get out the lift and a much shorter maze section. Still fun and would have ridden again if the queue hadn't immediately jumped to 45+mins for the rest of the day.

To get back onto the main topic, have some photos of the current state of Nemesis:

It looks a lot better in person than in photos. Do like that they've painted the vein on at least 2 sides of the box on that turnaround. Seems like they're only painting the veins on the most visible sides though.

Nicky Borrill

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Nemesis was the last coaster I rode… Not managed to get to any parks this year, spent most of my free time at gigs or festivals.

At this point I’m thinking I may as well make Nemesis 2.0 the very next coaster I ride.

Just putting that out there…

(Not going to happen though, won’t be able to resist halloween, best time of the year!!!)


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I have no problem with the new paint job, and I like the details on the spine, especially because I might be wrong, but I don't recall ever seeing anything like it before. As said here before, I would agree that it probably looks much better in person.

I did like the old "worn, rusty" look they had on the original one, and *that* with the tentacles on the spine would have been coo. But overall I am more glad they're doing a "Hulk" type keep-the-layout but replace-the-track to keep the ride as it was, more than anything. So what it looks like with the new paint is barely a concern to me.
To be fair to Merlin, that's roughly what they're going for. Or rather, they seem to pick themes that naturally contain old and decrepit things, so that any lack of maintenance can be excused by the theme.
SAW: The Ride
The Walking Dead: The Ride
Rita (in it's current state)
Nemesis (previously)
Ghost Train
Curse at Alton Manor

And the list goes on...

(edit: I'm not saying that I don't like any of these attractions, it's just an observation)
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I doubt that many people thought the old paint job was legit bad maintenance.

I know the GP can be stupid but, in the context of the area it clearly looks like a thematic choice.

The more recent TLC paint job it had was also quite over exaggerated with an over abundance of the mock rust effect etc.