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Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | 2024


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^ They’ve got the colours wrong there if it’s black and red track with grey supports. It’ll look a lot duller.

I’m not fully judging this yet, but honestly Merlin need a better creative team behind their colour decisions. I’m betting the only reason Wicker Man wasn’t painted black was because it was much cheaper to go for stained wood.


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Why do people keep saying about red rails? I must be missing something.

If the black track at Clermont is for nemesis and it certainly seems it is. Then they'd have painted the rails red already. Looks like track is solid black to me.


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If they do change the colours, that sounds like such a marketing decision to me.

It's the most striking thing you can do to make it "look" like you've refreshed the ride.

It's annoying though because the colour choices were great as they were.

Aesthetically all that was needed was a fresh coat and perhaps to lose the overly rusted effect.


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The white track was pretty iconic, you knew it was nemesis and it stood out. However it got grotty quite quickly, the black shouldn’t do the same.

As the marketing said, nemesis is closed and we should say “goodbye “ so as much as people might want the same old colours. This is going to be marketed as a new nemesis. The colours show this hence why it’s different.

Also you’d assume now that there will be new trains as the current white(ishh) seats will not match the track. Could we see a red train or similar…

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I hope the track doesnt end up being just black. That's so dull.
Nemesis was so unique for its track paint scheme.


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Sorry if this has been asked already, but do we know if Nemesis will be receiving new trains also?
We assume so, I imagine that they're a bit tired too, given they're the same age as the rest of it.

As for the paint scheme, up for something a bit different but will be sad if we lose the white track tbh. Definitely iconic!


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I also prefer vests by a long shot. I am pretty tall and OTSR are just pushing uncomfortably on my shoulders, while vests are way more comfy.
Yes, they might come down a bit during the ride, but OTSRs don’t lock into place either. I never felt uncomfortable tight in a vest.

However, as far as I know, the vest restraints would require slightly wider trains which would cause issues with some of the rocks adjacent to the track. Pretty much the same problem as Black mamba suffers from.


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I'd be fine with vests, they're no worse than OTSRs from my experience, but since Nemesis trains can't have them it's a moot point. Unless they design something new?


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Vests are much worse. Simple OTSR are lighter, not as hard to lower by ops, which takes a toll on them at the end of the day.

If it aint broke...
The flip side is the vests provide better containment by molding themselves around the rider, thereby allowing the minimum ride height to be reduced from 54" to 52".

I don't have overly strong feelings about them. I prefer the comfort of the OTSRs, but there are definitely a handful of B&Ms that I wish had the vests.


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I never used to see the problem with the vest restraints when I was younger. But, as I've gotten older, taller, bigger, I've had a few issues with them as of late, especially on my shoulders. Definitely prefer the OTSR's but I can see how others prefer the vest restraints too.