1. endermanloveH20

    Best Vekoma SLC (A Stretch)

    Do you have a favorite SLC? (BIG STRETCH I KNOW) My favorite is The Great Nor'easter at Morey's Piers
  2. bigblind

    Visiting Japanese parks as a visually impaired guest

    I'm going on a group trip to visit several parks in Japan late next year, and as you can guess from the title, I'm visually impaired. These days, I usually don't make use of the disability passes/bands that parks offer, as I'm perfectly capable of waiting in line like anyone else. Recently, I've...
  3. StampidaRMC

    Will another launch method be discovered in a future?

    Since the last launch method invention several years have gone by. Maybe a company like Intamin of S&S is investing in a new launch system for a future. I would be incredibly intrigued in knowing how it would function, but it might not even occur. It could change the market quite a lot...
  4. Pumkin

    Is Tidal Twister a good ride?

    I havent seen any reviews so i kind of just want to see other peoples opinions -- I know that the Harley Quinn ride was horrible, but is this one better? Thanks!