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    Universal's Epic Universe | Orlando USA | Theme Park

    I love a dueling coaster and this looks like one of the best, that looks so well timed! Looks like a decent length with plenty of air time moments, excited to ride this one day.
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    New attractions at Paultons Park

    How did I miss this news? A dark ride of any sort is what Paultons was lacking so this sounds like a great addition. Something similar to Popcorns Revenge would be a great fit.
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    Colossus Partial Retrack (Thorpe Park)

    Wow, looks like they're putting in a lot of effort sprucing things up. Love the new painted signs around Stealth.
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    Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal Studios Japan closing January 2024

    Universal made a deal for the Japanese park with the Pokemon Company some years back (press release) and we've been patiently waiting for some sort of attraction announcement since. The same year the deal was made the characters started appearing in parades. The rumours are that Lost Continent...
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    Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal Studios Japan closing January 2024

    Sad this is gone. The rumour mill seems to suggest it's going to make way for a new Pokemon attraction, using the same building and layout but potentially new ride vehicles. It'll be interesting to see what happens, hopefully they'll reveal more soon now that its closed.
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    Parc Astérix New Additions

    A little sad they didn't pick the Huss Top Spin, the concept art for that was awesome. Intrigued if the Haunted Mansion is a year-round attraction or just something for their Halloween season.
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    Toverland's Expansion Plan

    This is going to look incredible when it's finished, the skyfly swinging around as Fenix swoops around it is going to look awesome.
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    20th Anniversary CF Live - THORPE PARK - 16th April 2023

    Looks like I should be in attendance now and Nic should be tagging along too. I've been attending Lives since May 2005 so it would be silly to skip the 20th anniversary event.
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    New Universal Park in Texas

    Interesting, the rumours from the news of a new Texas park from yesterday seemed to suggest it was a Cedar Fair park. I wonder what drove Universal to divert out into a smaller park for children? The entrance logo looks like the Dreamworks logo and most of the properties look like they're from...
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    Karls Erlebnis-Dorf + Bibi & Tina World | Germany & USA | Multiple Locations

    A group of us visited the park with K2 a few years back and we had a great time, we were planning on making a small tour to visit a bunch of the others (some were building hotels on site when we looked). Certainly a company to keep an eye on as they seem to have an interesting product on their...
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    "Now Showing"

    Avatar: The Way of Water - I liked this, maybe I was too distracted by the quality of the VFX work to ever be bored? There are certainly more scenes just meandering around the locations like a nature documentary, rather than pushing any storylines. Those visuals are just so beautiful though...
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    "Now Showing"

    More high praise for Violent Night from me! It's like a wonderfully gory love letter to Christmas films. The Home Alone inspired sequence is easily my favourite scene and the reactions from the audience are why I love going to the cinema. Just a great fun film that knows exactly what it is...
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    Gigs 'n' Tours

    @Nicky Borrill I was super tempted to go back to Download next year but honestly the line up isn't doing much for me at the moment, most of the bands I like I'm already booked to see or I've seen in recent years. Shocked Iron Maiden weren't booked for the anniversary year, they feel so ingrained...
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    "Now Showing"

    It's been a busy week at the cinema! Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - Amazing follow up to Knives Out, the opening sequence alone put a smile on my face and it just continued to be a really fun time throughout. Highly recommend seeing it at the cinema but I think you have like 2 days so...
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    Gigs 'n' Tours

    Oh wow, this hasn't been posted in for a while! In April I saw Keiino at a bar in Clapham which was awesome, very small venue, very dedicated fans (got a photo with them after!) They were supported by this year's Eurovision artists for Australia and Ireland which was fab and really helped...
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    "Now Showing"

    Triangle of Sadness - I saw a lot of hype coming out of LFF so I was quite intrigued by this film. The pacing of it is a little weird and I wasn't that happy with the ending but it's a fun journey with some small key moments that make the whole film worthwhile. I was also glad to watch it with...
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    "Now Showing"

    The Woman King - Really enjoyed this film, the cast are phenomenal and while the story isn't very accurate it's engaging and the 2hr+ runtime flew by. The Lost King - This was a nice film, Sally Hawkins is great in the lead role Emily - I found vast amounts of this to be dull and I kept...
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    "Now Showing"

    Don't worry Darling - This is ok, I love the art deco World with a sense that something unusual is going on. The third act is ok, it's a decent twist but maybe rushes it a little. Harry Styles isn't a good actor, which in a film full of great actors really stands out. Mrs Harris goes to Paris -...
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    Toverland's Expansion Plan

    The location of that skyfly plus the theming is actually incredible. I don't think I'd worry too much about the capacity, most people tend to stand and watch rather than ride these things (although I think Epic Universe building two is an interesting choice). I still haven't visited Tover since...
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    New Expansions and Additions at Walt Disney World

    I've been reading a lot of Disney forums since the D23 presentation. It sounds like most of these ideas have been thrown around for years behind closed doors but it feels like they had so little to announce yesterday that they just threw these out there to draw our attention. Maybe even as to...