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  1. furie

    How do you pronounce the word “scone”?

    I pronounce it Sc-on, as one of the traitorous North. Legend has it, that working class Northerners, wanting to sound posh, started using the Queen's way of pronouncing Scone, which is officially sc-on. Hearing all the Northern monkeys using sc-on, the southern well-to-dos couldn't believe it...
  2. furie

    The Book Thread

    It's rare I give up on a book, but I just couldn't get on with Moby Dick. Like you say, it's just too slow. It's incredible in terms of a kind of day by day description of the times - I can understand why it's such an important book, but... So boring :D I tend to bounce around genres and...
  3. furie

    Drayton Manor 2022 - New Vikings Area

    Porn Ponies ;)
  4. furie

    Crinkley Bottom Cricket St Thomas 5th March 2022

    I'm sure I have a dissertation in me, about the decline of the UK's coastal amusement park industry. A lot of it would centre around places like Morecambe, and about the way the councils completely mishandled their loss of tourists. And yes, The Wombles was a TV show from the 70's (and a firm...
  5. furie

    Crinkley Bottom Cricket St Thomas 5th March 2022

    I have to say, that even though the show was all about double entendre and puns. "Throttled Cock" Farm is inappropriate on all levels for a family show and kid's park :D Anyway, thank you for posting this, and putting in all the additional little bits of research :) This is one of those things...
  6. furie

    Rank the Star Wars Movies (so far).

    @Hixee locks the "sexiest" topics, and you're still allowed to peddle this tripe? No justice in the world ;) Baby Fett (or whatever it was - Madalorian 2.5?) was pretty meh. I'm not sure what purpose it was supposed to serve, other than to advertise the next season of Mando. And what's this...
  7. furie

    What Started As A Matterhorn Question And Is Now A Merged General Discussion On What Counts as Coaster Credit

    See how complicated it all is. you can't even decide amongst yourselves what is and isn't counted. Come over to my (and @rob666's) side. No clones, no relocations, no arguments (no counting even) - it's so much easier ;)
  8. furie

    Jackbox Games on Twitch

    I don't think you realise quite how old I am :D Let's see, when I joined in 2004, I was 31. That means, anyone who was 13 in 2004 is now the same age I was when I joined CF - when I was most definitely already "an old man!" If you were older than 13, well, you must be pretty ancient by now :P...
  9. furie

    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    One and I never need to go on another. See how great this is, not counting clones ;)
  10. furie

    Jackbox Games on Twitch

    9:30 on a Thursday night? Am I the only old person who works around here? :D
  11. furie

    What Started As A Matterhorn Question And Is Now A Merged General Discussion On What Counts as Coaster Credit

    Actually, the point of this is to avoid arguments. Is The Nash .5 cred or 1 cred? Steeplechase 1 or 3? Relocated are new creds or not? Doesn't matter. If you don't count any of them, then you're above the argument. This thread is two pages now, and I'm the only person steadfast in their...
  12. furie

    What Started As A Matterhorn Question And Is Now A Merged General Discussion On What Counts as Coaster Credit

    It's okay, everyone disagrees with my opinion 😆 There reached a point (must be more than ten years ago now) where there was constant arguing about this. It tied in with people being a bit "I've been on 200 coasters, so have a better opinion than you" - even though 50 of those were Big Apples...
  13. furie

    What Started As A Matterhorn Question And Is Now A Merged General Discussion On What Counts as Coaster Credit

    And this is why my coaster count is so low, and I no longer need to ride Wacky Worms or SLCs. Come to the bright side, stop counting clones... If there is significant difference to the tracks, then it's two. Stampeda is two credits because each side gives a very different ride. Though, still...
  14. furie

    Are you a film buff?

    Well, I hope you appreciate it, but I've updated the Top 250 for the start of 2022. I've included the original spreadsheet from 2010, along with the rank the films achieved in 2010 compared to now. It's about 99% accurate (some of the film names have changed in the last 10 years on IMDB...
  15. furie

    Your Earliest Theme Park Memory

    Not really, I wasn't sure. I knew it had a blue in it somewhere :D
  16. furie

    Your Earliest Theme Park Memory

    The Blue Lagoon Cafe (I think). It shared a viewing platform over Goldmine and Rive Caves. I think it's boarded off now - can't let customers have a peak at the rides for free!!! The cafe is on the top of the hill just above Ghost Train. Wow, where do I start? I can't nail a single, clear theme...
  17. furie

    How many of IMDb’s top 250 TV shows have you watched?

    Well, any top 250 TV shows that doesn't have Babylon 5 in the top 25, let alone not in the top 250 is not a list worth bothering with. Also, a massive omission with no Carnivale. It's like these lists are written based on popularity, rather than anything else. It's especially odd, when you...
  18. furie

    Where does the 85mph speed claim for The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach come from?

    It's sooooo tall that there's no air resistance up there, you need to recalculate using the stats for a Virgin Space flight ;)
  19. furie

    What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner? (Or equivalent)

    I don't hate sprouts, but they bring me zero joy - so why bother? We do a "bring stuff to help" round to in-laws-of_Furie most years, and one year we had to bring sprouts. So I shallow fried them with chestnuts and bacon. Almost everyone had sprouts that year. Just imagine how good that would...
  20. furie

    "Now Showing"

    I did a quick run up to Christmas with two of the best Christmas films: Die Hard and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Both were really excellent to see on the big screen. I've never seen Die Hard at the cinema, and it's been 25+ years since seeing TNBC at the cinema. Would recommend to get you in...