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  1. MartyNZ

    Another China Weekend Pt 4: Random Ganzhou

    Gavin, what date were you planning to hit Guangzhou? I went to Sunac Land on Saturday 4th November on a long layover and Dueling Dragons was closed. It looked like it had been closed for a while to be honest.
  2. MartyNZ

    Hot Hot Heat - UAE Fall 2022

    I had about 3 hours of my day left and skipped both coasters at Warner Bros as both had 50min+ waits. I did actually stand for about 20 mins in the line until i gave up and did the dark rides instead, which were well worth the visit alone.
  3. MartyNZ

    Hot Hot Heat - UAE Fall 2022

    That Flying Aces queue surprised me too. I've never really seen or heard anyone talking about it, so it caught me off guard when I walked through it for the first time. It really is an amazing coaster. I agree on the Formula Rossa launch too. Not sure how you guys got on Yolo Works, but I...
  4. MartyNZ

    Parks & F1 - Belgium/Netherlands 2022

    That Drievliet GPS confusion is the real deal. I went through that tunnel twice before I realised something isn't quite as it seems. Eventually I went through that industrial area to the carpark across the road from them. Also, didn't see a single car in the carpark at the entrance. To add to...
  5. MartyNZ

    Walibi Weekend

    I found wasps all over Europe parks quite strange being from New Zealand. We have them here, but way more bees. So many annoying wasps at most parks. I think they were even at Energylandia and Legendia. I think Tripsdrill around the bins were the most annoying for me when wanting to eat my fake...
  6. MartyNZ

    Last Cred Review

    Hixee, I think I had similar experiences to you regarding Kondaa and RTH. Kondaa over delivered based on the hype and RTH underdelivered, but was still a great ride. I went into it expecting this and thought RTH just doesn't look like a ride that will blow me away, and it didn't. I also thought...
  7. MartyNZ

    Seven-Country, Eight-Week Euro Jam (July, August '22)

    @Rollercoaster David is there now. I hear he says it's now slipped into his top 1000.
  8. MartyNZ

    Seven-Country, Eight-Week Euro Jam (July, August '22)

    Wow i'm finally caught up! That concussion doesn't sound good. Sounds like we had similar experiences on RTH (except for the concussion part!). I also found it shuddery/semi rough. It was really busy on the day i was there so bought the 9 ride fast pass card. Used 6 of them on RTH and gave it as...
  9. MartyNZ

    Warner Bros Movie World | Various New Vekomas & relocated Intamin | 2024

    As someone with two kids under 10 this is a welcome addition. The park has always lacked family rides as the bigger ones are a bit too extreme for the youngsters. You basically have Road Runner and perhaps Scooby-doo if they're adventurous enough. My youngest one couldn't make it past the scary...
  10. MartyNZ

    Hershey Park | Wildcat's Revenge | RMC Wildcat | 2023

    How good was the timing on our visit. Little did we know!
  11. MartyNZ

    Seven-Country, Eight-Week Euro Jam (July, August '22)

    Yep noted the "Carp&Bed". I'll check it out. Still deciding if I should hire a car or try the other options. I should have two full days there but need to somehow fit Legendia for Lech in one of those two days hence a rental car might work better. Need to spend more time this weekend trying to...
  12. MartyNZ

    Seven-Country, Eight-Week Euro Jam (July, August '22)

    Where am I going to find time to keep up with these trip reports! Just managed to read it all so up to speed now, but lots of reading! Crazy that you bumped into Taylor and Sarah again. Did you do a little cameo with them? I've had huge issues trying to sort my timing out for my trip. Turns out...
  13. MartyNZ

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    Serena, I remember seeing that Instagram right after riding Pantheon saying its your new favorite multi launch. I do rate Velocicoaster above it, but Pantheon is a great ride and also in my top 10. My second most ridden coaster on my USA coaster trip after Twisted Timbers. Question, have you not...
  14. MartyNZ

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    Love seeing Twisted Timbers in your top 10s! Top Tier RMC for me too.
  15. MartyNZ

    JoshC. goes to Great Adventure...but does he have a Six Flags Day? Pt2

    When you see any Intamin operating, you run for it before it breaks down. When you said you took the path to Medusa and the mine train it gave me anxiety. Looking forward to part 2. Also, that $35/$50 photo for parking made me laugh. Didn't even notice the cone.
  16. MartyNZ

    Anyone else experiencing functionality issues with today?

    Still looks good to me. You sure you didn't accidentally hit the EU site again?
  17. MartyNZ

    Anyone else experiencing functionality issues with today?

    I think you're implying counting coaster credits. I'm talking about planning trips for coaster destinations. No point planning to visit parks with mediocre coasters if you're short on time and there's a better alternative a few hours further down the road for example. Coast2Coaster is an...
  18. MartyNZ

    Anyone else experiencing functionality issues with today?

    His reply: "Always nice to hear the coast2coaster is used so much. Since my website provider did screwup jet an other migration I moved provider’s. The eu wil come later. "
  19. MartyNZ

    Anyone else experiencing functionality issues with today?

    I got in contact with the site owner Manus Breuking and a working site can now be found at .com instead of .eu . What a legend!
  20. MartyNZ

    Hutch's Trip Report Thread - Dutch Wonderland & Hersheypark

    How dare you do an overseas trip not focused on coasters though? That's just crazy talk!