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  1. oriolat2

    Walt Disney Studios Park further developments

    I am quite intrigued by the proposed Lion King area. This would be huge, if well pulled off!
  2. oriolat2

    Drayton Manor Resort Five Year Plan 2022 - 2026

    I think there was a missed opportunity here to bill this as "the most shocking family coaster".
  3. oriolat2

    Bellewaerde Park | Mundo Amazonia | Intamin Rapids & More | 2024

    Aren't their rapids already #1?
  4. oriolat2

    Grona Lund to Expand for 2024?

    The concept art looks amazing! Owning so little land, I am sure that Grona Lund will invest wisely. However, I am somewhat disapointed that they didn't go for a tilt coaster (as rumoured) or even an RMC Raptor, given that their sister park already has one of the biggest RMC coasters on Earth.
  5. oriolat2

    Tibidabo | Unknown | Funtime Drop Tower | 2024

    The one they had in 2004 and 2005 was not theirs, but it was a fairground model that they had rented from a Spanish showman to turn the park around. After a smashing success, the park wanted a permanent ride, but acquiring exactly the same model would not make sense from a marketing standpoint...
  6. oriolat2

    Tibidabo | Unknown | Funtime Drop Tower | 2024

    And to think that the new one will be almost twice the size... that one was scary as f***!
  7. oriolat2

    Knott’s Berry Farm | MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress | Schwarzkopf Launch Refurb | 2024?

    I am sure any manufacturer could produce a basic loop according to Schwarzkopf's original specs. Reviving this cursed project is coaster justice. Hopefully we can enjoy Monte for many years!
  8. oriolat2

    Tibidabo | Unknown | Funtime Drop Tower | 2024

    The terrain where it sits is completely flat and was home to the former top spin, so there will be no problems, I expect. As for the opening, the park stated that they want this to be running in Spring, hinting at a possible late-April/May opening. After all, this won't be as themed as El Grito...
  9. oriolat2

    Rides that required a second ride or series of rerides for you to fully appreciate them

    I am sure after your many rerides your chiropractor appreciates El Condor as well.
  10. oriolat2

    Tibidabo | Unknown | Funtime Drop Tower | 2024

    Bump! Two days ago, the park held a press conference to announce some details about the upcoming ride, which is expected to open in Spring 2024. Height: 52 meters (173 feet) Capacity: 24 riders Minimum height requirement: 125 cm (50 inch) Cost: 2,400,000 € The park have also mentioned that...
  11. oriolat2

    Europa Park | Voltron | Mack Rides Stryker Coaster | 2024

    Will there be a single rider line? Continous loading plus single rider line could make for exceptional capacity. I can't wait for March to see what Voltron looks like!
  12. oriolat2

    Last Cred Review

    Uncharted (#484) I went to PA to ride Uncharted especifically and I had low expectations. It didn't disappoint delivering a poor experience. I would sum up the experience using this meme: Uncharted is essentially a poorly executed yet perfectly good family coaster. When riding Hurakan...
  13. oriolat2

    Parque De Attractions

    Parques Reunidos, Parque de Atracciones being the worst offender, have some of the worst guest service policies in the entire industry. Some years ago we went to guest services to complain about a safety issue we encountered during our visit, with pictures to prove it, and their response was to...
  14. oriolat2

    Parque Warner Madrid 5 - 10 year plan ambition

    Plus they already have a second gate in Warner Beach, which is still to be developed into a full-day water park. As you mention, it is a much better option to round up their current line-up. Also, I wouldn't read too much into the Avatar-esque simulator: they state they are interested in the...
  15. oriolat2

    PortAventura - Dragon Khan to get a retrack?

    You are absolutely right. I hadn't thought of the latest batch of hypers. I take it back: thanks for pointing it out.
  16. oriolat2

    PortAventura - Dragon Khan to get a retrack?

    No, I really meant the only big B&M operating with THREE trains that is only 7-cars long. Typically, medium or small-sized B&M can run 7-car trains (Batman clones, Dæemonen, Nemesis Inferno, some stand-ups) but all big B&M (with 3 trains and MCBR) feature 8-car long trains EXCEPT FOR Khan. I am...
  17. oriolat2

    PortAventura - Dragon Khan to get a retrack?

    This. Besides, Spain has two distinct sitdown B&M coasters: Superman at Parque Warner (floorless) and Khan at PA. Why would you want to convert an already amazing sitdown into a floorless, when Superman is already good? Keeping Khan a traditional sitdown is good, both from a maintenance and...
  18. oriolat2

    PortAventura - Dragon Khan to get a retrack?

    Right now, the Spanish Thoosie Twitter rumour mill is going crazy, with people claiming Universal is coming back to take over PA to this new rumour that Dragon Khan might be receiving a seriously needed TLC in the upcoming seasons. The rumour has some potential truth to it since as of late...
  19. oriolat2

    IAAPA Expo 2023

    Well, it's not that B&M haven't ripped off, Zamperla, who had already ripped off Intamin's train design, who themselves had originally ripped their LSM train from Mack. It seems only fair for Mack to circle back to B&M or Jinma xD
  20. oriolat2

    Accident at Gröna Lund

    Not to be disrespectful about the news, but does anybody know what the status of the coaster will be in 2024? I am planning a trip to the park in June next year and I would love to ride it again, since I loved it back when I went on it 8 years ago.