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  1. LiveForTheLaunch

    If you count coasters, what is your most tenuous counted roller coaster?

    Some pedal bike thingy at Yomiuriland comes to mind for me, although the name escapes me. At least, I think I counted it, haha. Honourable mention goes to Black Diamond Mine at Knoebels, probably.
  2. LiveForTheLaunch

    The Drunk Riders: The CoasterForce Podcast!

    Thanks for the hours of entertainment that have kept me awake on a lot of long drives 😂
  3. LiveForTheLaunch

    Florida - Part 9: Sea World

    I agree about Genie+... It does require some work beforehand, and the panic of trying to get a stupid virtual queue slot before they all disappear is a little annoying, but once you get there it's not too bad and I'd rather that than wait in ridiculous lines. Curious, was the price the same...
  4. LiveForTheLaunch

    Florida - Part 9: Sea World

    I'm SCREECHING 😂. Nice report! I, too, enjoyed hearing all the kiddies scream in terror on Tough to be a Bug. In fact, I think my kid was more horrified with that ride and would've rather died than put his 3D glasses back on than he was on Tower. Unfortunately I do also agree that Magic Kingdom...
  5. LiveForTheLaunch

    Halloween attraction survey

    Done as well. As above, a few standout haunts for me, although North American, are as follows: Night Terrors at Wiards Orchard- Scream park, good variety, great price, and really relentless thrills/diverse themes in the haunts (mines, zombie paintball, hayride, asylum, etc) as well as free...
  6. LiveForTheLaunch

    What ride do you have the most intangible love for?

    I'm not gonna pick an objectively good coaster for this, but I actually always love riding Fire in the Hole and Blazing Fury, or any of those types of rides. I just find them an entertaining and fun break from the more intense rides, and they also usually smell of some kind of stagnant water...
  7. LiveForTheLaunch

    "Now Showing"

    Watched a few oldie but goodies this week. 1. AWAKENINGS- Touching film, and I always enjoy me some Robin Williams goodness! Premise was simple, it told a good story, had good acting, and the characters had depth. A few tear jerking scenes in there for sure. 7/10. 2. DRIVING MISS DAISY- I am...
  8. LiveForTheLaunch

    Top 10(ish): 2024 Edition - page 124

    This isn't meant to be snarky, but how can you be so sure that a coaster will be your number one even though you haven't been on it? There are coasters held in very high regard, like Helix, which I fully expected to make my top ten but didn't even make the top 15. Maybe what some people love in...
  9. LiveForTheLaunch

    What made you fall in love with coasters?

    I liked Roller Coaster Tycoon when I got it in a cereal box as a kid, but I think when I first started playing around on the computer I got obsessed with looking up statistics for coasters I was going to ride on an upcoming trip I had planned to Geauga Lake. I also always used to rewatch family...
  10. LiveForTheLaunch

    Airport Cred Lists

    I'm sure we've had this one before, but I like lists and I like flying, so... I also put a star next to the airports I've actually flown into as a pilot for work or during my training. 1. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County 2. Windsor International* 3. Toronto Lester B. Pearson* 4. Toronto Billy...
  11. LiveForTheLaunch

    Does rural or urban living appeal to you more?

    I like suburban, but if I had to pick from the two, it would be urban. I grew up in a place with a population of 220,000, and now live in the suburbs of Montreal. I couldn't imagine living somewhere so rural and inconvenient (even Wal-Mart being ten minutes away feels excessive to me), although...
  12. LiveForTheLaunch

    Favorite type of wildcat ?

    Black panthers are pretty cool looking, so I'd probably say that, but lions are also pretty majestic.
  13. LiveForTheLaunch

    What season do you prefer to visit parks?

    Spring and late summer. The older I get, the less I can tolerate crowds and really hot summer days. I find the brats are back to school in America earlier than they are in Canada so it ends up the perfect time to visit. Spring can be iffy for crowds with school trips/band trips, but the weather...
  14. LiveForTheLaunch

    What’s the wettest you’ve ever gotten on a non-water ride?

    Impulse at Knoebels! It was pouring rain all day but I needed the cred.
  15. LiveForTheLaunch

    Your 2023 in Review

    Coaster count at start of 2023: 584 Coaster count at end of 2023: 606 Coaster count increase: 22 Park count increase: 3 Number of park visits: 10?- Nick Universe, Valleyfair, Great Escape x 2, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Six Flags New England In...
  16. LiveForTheLaunch

    Do you prefer starter or dessert in a restaurant?

    A starter because by the time my main is done, I feel like a bloated, fat cow. But once in a while if there's bread pudding or something involved I might splurge and get both.
  17. LiveForTheLaunch

    Best Vekoma SLC (A Stretch)

    Probably Thunderhawk (Geauga Lake/Michigan's Adventure) and Kumali, but saying any SLC is good is a stretch so take it with a grain of salt.
  18. LiveForTheLaunch

    The Road to 300: Dorney, Knoebels, Hershey, SFGAdv... and Yeungling!

    This was fun to read! Glad you got to go on a coaster trip and hit your 300th. I need to revisit a lot of these parks since most of them have new additions (except Dorney which I will be happy to never go back to).
  19. LiveForTheLaunch

    Favourite beverage

    If I'm looking to get a buzz it's Canadian Club and water, but if I'm just wanting something to unwind it's red wine or a beer!
  20. LiveForTheLaunch

    Six Flags Great Escape | The Bobcat | Gravity Group Wooden Family Coaster | 2024

    They seemed to make an effort to open it the two days I was there, but one day it didn't open until the later afternoon and then the second day there were a few shut downs for whatever reason (inclement weather supposedly, where not a drop was falling from the sky). It did open both days though...