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  1. FarleyFlavors

    How many of IMDb’s top 250 TV shows have you watched?

    Ugh. Any list of top TV shows which doesn't include The Leftovers is totally invalid. That's what you get when you ask the general public. A few months ago the BBC had a major poll involving "206 TV experts from 43 countries" to determine the best TV shows of the 21st century. It's much more...
  2. FarleyFlavors

    CoasterForce's Favourite Roller Coasters - 2021 Edition

    Agreed, quite a shocker. The "Roller Coasters Ranked #1" pie chart must have changed at some point? The original version had Wildfire in it.
  3. FarleyFlavors

    What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner? (Or equivalent)

    I think you mean beef! I love burnt ends, the fattier the better. Pretty rare to find them in a Texas BBQ joint though, right?
  4. FarleyFlavors

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    Bunch of Jewish babies being killed in the queue line. Dude with big beard parting the water in the lake.
  5. FarleyFlavors

    WTF Merlin?

    I had the cheapo £69 pass this year and thought it was excellent value. Admittedly I'm only ten minutes from Thorpe which helped, but I also had two trips to Alton and first time visits to Chessington and Legoland. And a trip on the London Eye. Yes, you can't visit at weekends or during school...
  6. FarleyFlavors

    [HELP] - Discord Is Not Opening On My Computer!

    Have you tried an online casino? I make big money.
  7. FarleyFlavors

    Is traditional TV dying?

    Well, yeah - aside from the odd footie match, I haven't watched anything live for many years. But it's not that onerous to use a PVR and a fast forward button. What irritates me even more is the now pretty much universal use of DOGs.
  8. FarleyFlavors

    Is traditional TV dying?

    I wouldn't be so quick to write off terrestrial television just yet. Popular drama series such as Vigil and Line of Duty still attract audiences north of ten million. Even a routine Saturday evening will see upwards of ten million watching live across all channels. Are these numbers as high as...
  9. FarleyFlavors

    What rides would you put into your dream theme park?

    Me and you both. My dream park has ten of 'em.
  10. FarleyFlavors

    Rides that gave you the shock of your life

    Similar story here. My first ride was in the front row and the launch was so unexpectedly forceful, I instinctively grabbed the front bar so hard I pulled a muscle in my hand. It hurt for days! Thankfully you can now queue for the front again. On quiet day back in October I managed 23 x front...
  11. FarleyFlavors

    Ha! Glad to hear it's worth sod all - I chucked it years ago along with most of the rest of my...

    Ha! Glad to hear it's worth sod all - I chucked it years ago along with most of the rest of my vinyl! I'll be hanging on to this though - the signed UK cinema poster I mentioned a while back...
  12. FarleyFlavors

    A Trip to the Theatre

    I don't go to the theatre much but last week I caught the new production of Cabaret with Eddie Redmayne and Jessie Buckley. I'm a huge fan of the film version and having recently seen Buckley playing a country and western singer in Wild Rose, I knew that she was capable of belting them out...
  13. FarleyFlavors

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    Or 20,000 spiders jump out. In a distinguished fashion.
  14. FarleyFlavors

    Music Recommendations

    Ah, sorry, I misunderstood. Great film. I once saw it with live accompaniment by the Philip Glass orchestra and choir.
  15. FarleyFlavors

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    You're way too tall, dude. Get a few vertebrae removed.
  16. FarleyFlavors

    Music Recommendations

    I dunno where the footage is actually from, but it's definitely not Koyaanisqatsi.
  17. FarleyFlavors

    Music Recommendations

    Remember Bananarama? Yeah, they were pretty terrible, if inexplicably popular. You'll hear better singing from a pissed up hen night at a karaoke bar. Anyhoo, I was watching The Queen's Gambit recently and up popped what I thought was a cover version of their hit song Venus. Turns out the...
  18. FarleyFlavors

    Favourite chocolate bar?

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a strange beast. I really like them despite not caring at all for Hershey process chocolate (to many non-Americans, it tastes like vomit). It's only relatively recently they became available in the UK and they had to change the packaging from the US version...
  19. FarleyFlavors

    What's The Song You're Listening To Right Now?

    Surprised you didn't go with the Rube Goldberg version!