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  1. .:Matt:.

    "Zooom", Zamperla Air Force coaster for Flamingoland

    In an article in the Bridlington Free Press, it was just announced that the ride will be called Swoosh... :lol:
  2. .:Matt:.

    Lightwater Valley, New rides in 2011 (see page 7)

    I have a few mixed thoughts about this, but firstly, for that price, of course it's worth it! Bear in mind that WRR cost around £500 K so for just £400 K more, they have got a coaster, and it will certainly be a fantastic draw to the park. Certainly much more than any other flat ride, water ride...
  3. .:Matt:.

    Best starter drop tower

    You might be best to start on a shot tower, the anticipation doesn't get to you as much with you starting on the floor. Ice Blast is probably best. :D
  4. .:Matt:.

    uk best drop ride

    I've only had the pleasure of riding on three of the UK's large drop towers, but: 1) Cliffhanger 2) Detonator 3) Ice Blast I'm not that much of a fan of Ice Blast because its over so quickly. Where as with Clanger, you get the great drop!
  5. .:Matt:.

    Woman dies after falling from rollercoaster

    Woah, that really is. :o That last article clearly shows that there was an issue with the restraints on the ride, and perhaps that combined with the woman's larger size resulted in this tragedy?
  6. .:Matt:.

    Flamingoland, now with less pleasure...?

    It has been confirmed by park staff and PI is no longer trading under Flamingo Land ltd. As for reasons why this has happened, it isn't really what should be discussed on a forum, but the basics is that due to disputes in the Gibb family, PI is no longer Flamingo Lands. There's stuff...
  7. .:Matt:.

    Thirteen, Intamin ''psychoaster'' - Alton Towers 2010

    I would be surprised if there was anything on that load tbh... :roll:
  8. .:Matt:.

    Cobra Simulator

    Edit the file name and stick a .exe at the end of it. :)
  9. .:Matt:.

    Thirteen, Intamin ''psychoaster'' - Alton Towers 2010

    I agree to be honest. It not that bad, and I don't see Alton's bad name choices. Rita was a good decision IMO. Everyone knows it and its a very strong brand.
  10. .:Matt:.

    Thirteen, Intamin ''psychoaster'' - Alton Towers 2010

    Yeah and kickers too probably. :) Its clear that there will be another piece of the same height to go in because of the support section right infront of the rest of the track :)
  11. .:Matt:.

    Thirteen, Intamin ''psychoaster'' - Alton Towers 2010

    Same capacity as Corkscrew so I predict more mammoth queues for Alton. :clubbed:
  12. .:Matt:.

    Cobra Simulator

    Fantastic sim! Well done! :D
  13. .:Matt:.

    # of Arrow coasters you've been on

    Only 7 for me. PMBO Irn-Bru Revolution Steeplechase X2 Viper Ninja El Diablo
  14. .:Matt:.

    Cobra Simulator

    Is there anywhere where this is still available for download? :)
  15. .:Matt:.

    Lightwater Valley Big Ride Coming Soon?

    Yup, agreed. The ride would have to be replaced with something damn special for it to be a suitable replacement to the Ultimate. To be fair to the management though, it will only be removed when it needs to be. And I don't see that point coming for a while yet!
  16. .:Matt:.

    Lightwater Valley Big Ride Coming Soon?

    Replacing!? Never!!!! :shock: The Ultimate is Lightwater Valley. The Ultimate is the worlds most unique ride, its so at home at Lightwater Valley, nothing can compare! :D Anyway, as I have said before on a different website, I think that a Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster would be suited...
  17. .:Matt:.

    Has A Ride Ever Got To You?

    ^ Really? I found that the drop just sooo thrilling. :D However, Stand-up is way too painful. :lol:
  18. .:Matt:.

    Has A Ride Ever Got To You?

    Hurkan Condor really got to me this summer, I was terrified at the sheer height of it! I always get a little nervous before all drop rides, that always seem to get to me. :lol:
  19. .:Matt:.

    Friary Park

    Wow! The detail here from the descriptions is amazing! Its great to have a real in-depth story to accompany the images and park and rides. Also, the detail on the entrance is great! The park looks very realistic too. :) Well done so far Josh! :D