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    Coasterforce's view on Dubstep

    I wonder how many of the people in this thread who claim that they dislike Dubstep actually know the difference between Dubstep and Brostep? Dubstep: Brostep:
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    Pro-life or Pro-choice?

    Did I say that? Girls DO use abortion as a safety net and it prevents them from having to tell friends, relatives etc which is an easy way out in my book. Do you honestly think girls would sleep around as much if abortion was illegal? If they knew that if anything goes wrong they'll have to go...
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    Pro-life or Pro-choice?

    But primarily for reproduction. That is the natural purpose of sexual intercourse. As I previously said, if pregnancy occurs then that's just natural and they should have to face the consequences. In my experience, a lot of young women do use it as a form of contraception, they also use it as...
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    Formula 1™ Topic

    Re: Formula One 2011 Theres a rumour going round that he might be replacing Glock at Marussia, supose it makes sense that they'd want a Russian driver though. They don't call him Paytrov for nothing :(
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    Pro-life or Pro-choice?

    I am very strongly pro-life, apart from in circumstances of rape or if the pregnancy will put the mother at risk. People need to remember that sex is meant for reproduction, not pleasure. If pregnancy occurs, then that's just natural and consequences must be faced. It simply disgusts me that...
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    Formula 1™ Topic

    Re: Formula One 2011 Grosjean <3 About time he got another chance. Such a talented driver.
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    How Fast Is Your Internet Connection??

    Heres mine on BT Infinity, looks impressive but it really isn't. Throttled like crazy which sucks for torrents e.t.c.
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    Most attractive member of Girls Aloud

    Nadine Coyle <3
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    How manly are you?

    82% :)
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    Notable Deaths 2011

    Marco Simoncelli, Moto GP rider:
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    Sexiest famous women!

    That is all.
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    Sexiest famous women!

    Ellie Goulding <3.
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    This is a long shot, but.... (rumoured woodie for Drayton)

    Re: This is a long shot, but.... (rumoured woodie for Drayto Can't see this happening. Not convinced that DMP have the space/money for a decent sized woodie, if they get a coaster in 2013 I can see it being something like a Gerstlauer Launch (Although if it's anything like Anubis then I'll be...
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    Musical tastes

    Drum & Bass is pretty much all I listen to apart from a bit of Metal and old school Dubstep (not the screechy **** that people call Dubstep nowadays).
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    Formula 1™ Topic

    Re: Formula One 2011 Vettel world champion, congrats you smug twat, lets see you in a McLaren or Ferrari with a good team mate and see how average you look. Button for me is the driver of the year, he has gone up LOADS in my book this year. He'd best get 2nd in the championship. Hamilton...
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    £1m or £1bn

    £1bn - Why would you choose a smaller amount of money?
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    Do you rebuild your burger?

    Yep. If the burger isn't completely straight I'll straighten it up and make sure everything stays inside. I always check for Onions and remove them immediately too (who the hell thought that onions went well with burgers?)
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    Coaster Tournament Matches 61, 62, 63, & 64

    11: Goliath, Walibi World 54: Skycar, Mysterious Island 22: Diamondback, Kings Island 43: Afterburn, Carowinds
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    Question for the British Members

    If I'm speaking to someone abroad I refer to myself as being British, because it's what I'm used to and in my opinion we have more to be proud of as Britain with the British Empire, Army etc. The patriotism of the Scottish for example really irritates me, how they constantly try and...
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    Smoothest Vekoma ever

    As others have said, it's Millennium Coaster, doesn't make it a good ride though.