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  1. CanobieFan

    Six Flags Qiddiya| Saudi Arabia | Theme Park

    Agreed, it's ticking all the records off but not necessarily being the most interesting layout
  2. CanobieFan

    Mattel Adventure Park | Kansas City | Theme Park | 2026

    I mean, if we cant have good public transit in the real cities here, what makes you think KANSAS could?! Wouldn't be surprised if they have horse parking
  3. CanobieFan

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Phoenix Rising | B&M Family Invert | 2024

    and this and this*
  4. CanobieFan

    Bellewaerde Park | Mundo Amazonia | Intamin Rapids & More | 2024

    that's a yikes for sure! I wonder if they can add something to the slide part itself to slow it down, like padding/ a mat kinda like how the WhiteWater West raft slide things at SFA/Thorpe have pads in the trough.
  5. CanobieFan

    Project 305 - Intimidator 305 "Transformation"

    I mean, what did you expect, from the company that came up with other great names such as.... drop tower.... flight deck......
  6. CanobieFan

    SeaWorld Orlando | Penguin Trek | B&M Family Launch Coaster | 2024

    Yes, San Diego needs a third family launch coaster to go along with Manta and Artic Rescue
  7. CanobieFan

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Not really a surprise but Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster at Georgia has closed, yet again. I guess part of the lift hill broke last week.... and it's been left broken. I thought it might have been posted here already but if not, here's some photos
  8. CanobieFan

    Six Flags Over Georgia | Georgia Surfer | Intamin Ultra Surf | 2024

    Posted some photos of the area from yesterday, on Twitter 🤷‍♂️
  9. CanobieFan

    Six Flags St Louis | Joker: Carnival of Chaos New for 2024

    Ah, typical new Six Flags
  10. CanobieFan

    Coaster coffee table books

    Amazon has/had some pretty beefy sized coaster photo picture books, I've got probably 2 dozen by now from the last 20 years or so 😬 Honestly, if you can get your hands on this one, it's probably worth it. Definitely a favorite of mine and I've had it forever. it might not be UK based but does...
  11. CanobieFan

    Dorney Park | Iron Menace | B&M Dive Machine | 2024

    Yeah, and I think especially in this case since the holding chain is *also* the actual lift chain. They're probably just making sure it works in general ....before they start tweaking it
  12. CanobieFan

    Dorney Park | Iron Menace | B&M Dive Machine | 2024

    In the comments on twitter/Facebook, the park said it will use the hold once the ride opens.
  13. CanobieFan

    Hayy Al Sharq | Oman | Theme Park Resort Rcdb added it today, and as incomplete
  14. CanobieFan

    Universal's Epic Universe | Orlando USA | Theme Park

    But also, we do see rides, with launches, running over-speed in testing, to see what they can really do. Like this video of Xcelerator doing +100mph (Said to be closer to 117, in preparations of Dragster)
  15. CanobieFan

    Skyrush - what tier is it in? Now vs. new restraints?

    On a site with members primarily based in the UK/Europe, you probably won't find more than probably....3...people who have ridden the 2024 version of the ride already. EDIT, actually, the park hasn't even opened for the season yet, so that number Soooo, good luck on this poll.
  16. CanobieFan

    Tivoli Friheden | Vindfald | Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter | 2024

    Oh yes, those colors are lovely!
  17. CanobieFan

    Dollywood announce Lightning Rod's launch to be replaced with chain lift

    Well, the ride opened yesterday with it's chain lift, and has sat closed most of today. 🤦‍♂️
  18. CanobieFan

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Lol, I've never seen it open, in four different visits at the park 🤦‍♂️