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    Your Pre-enthusiast Days

    In my pre-enthusiast days I went to Fun Spot, Disney world and Cedar Point. After those trips, I became very interested in amusement parks.
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    The Last Roller Coaster Ever

    Cedar Point. Intamin. Hypercoaster.
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    Which is the best park in the US?

    Cedar Point. They have the best of everything you could think of.
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    Have you ever visited a theme park under the influence?

    No, I don't drink, and I don't wish to drink.
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    Homemade Coaster!

    I'd love to build one of my own, but even small backyard coaster would be a lot of money. I would probably build one that's 30 feet high because my property is only one acre.
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    Loudest coasters

    Pretty much any kind of launch coaster, and Magnum XL-200's anti-rollback system
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    5 Most Unique Roller Coasters

    Leap The Dips X (X2) Mr. Freeze Top Thrill Dragster El Toro
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    The World's 18 Strangest Rides

    Zipper. Its intense, and it kinda hurts your back.
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    Cedar Point

    Cedar Point is absolutely amazing, but there is one flaw with the park, I know Jr. Gemini is a kid coaster, but Cedar Point shouldn't brag that they've got 17 roller coasters and one of them you have to have a kid shorter than 54", but taller than 36" to ride it, and if you do that and say on...
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    Does a Half-Ride Count?

    it shouldn't count because you didn't do a full ride.
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    Who makes the best corkscrews?

    Arrow makes the best corkscrews, but ther are defunct (I think they actually joined with S&S Power or something like that). :shock:
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    Which do you like better? Cedar Fair or Six Flags?

    I like Cedar Fair better for 3 reasons -Cedar Fair has better rides -Six Flags copies a lot of the Cedar Fair rides -Cedar Fair has way less accidents than Six Flags Those are the 3 reasons why I think Cedar Fair is better.
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    Roller Coaster TV Programs and News Articles!

    there's "extreme terror rides" on the travel channel
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    Fire burns down shed at Cedar Point

    good thing the fire wasn't next to the mean streak or blue streak!
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    Have You Ever Been Evacuated?!

    No, I have never been evacuated from a roller coaster or just a plain ride. But that doesn't mean I will in the future.
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    Nürburgring | Ring°Racer | S&S Compressed Air Launch

    Ring°racer is practically just a train, it goes 135 mph and then just turns around :x . Formula Rossa will opens October 28 anyway.
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    Cedar Point | News and Rumor Topic | New talk Page 42

    The new attraction is Shoot the Rapids :)
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    Have you ever ridden alone?

    No, I've never ridden alone on a roller coaster, I've ridden alone on a lot a regular carnival type rides, but never a roller coaster. :shock:
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    What is your top 10 to do list?

    Leap the dips Giant Dipper Coney Island Cyclone Expedition Everest Top Thrill Dragster Millennium Force Magnum XL-200 Blue Streak Expedition GeForce Xcelerator (these aren't in particular order)