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  1. Will

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    God, that woman actually gets more odious with each passing year. Her father must be turning in his grave :(
  2. Will

    Nemesis Opening Day Meetup

    I like Nemesis. Nemesis is good.
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  4. Will

    Drayton Manor | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2024

    Please God, not another. I'm sick to death of the ****ing things :D
  5. Will

    Alton Towers | Nemesis Reborn | B&M Retrack | 2024

    Not ordinary men. Not ordinary steel...
  6. Will

    Thorpe Park | Hyperia | Mack Hyper Coaster | 2024

    This is the second 'I used to work at....' whinge I've had today and I do apologise - I can see how this sort of thing comes about; the 'employee engagement' lady at Alton was very nice and tried hard in what was ultimately a fruitless task. You're dead right about the video though - I can't...
  7. Will

    Only because you counted ;) Nothing wrong with having a hobby.

    Only because you counted ;) Nothing wrong with having a hobby.
  8. Will

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach removes Ice Blast - or not

    ^ Don't worry about it, Matt - we've all been suckered one time or another :) I wouldn't be sad to see the back of that eyesore either.
  9. Will

    Alton Towers New Flat Ride?

    I doubt Universal is concerning them unduly of yet. I've got sympathy for once - having spent a huge amount on Nemesis (which, let's face it, is more important from our point of view than a new attraction) Alton then had the expense of the skyride, Hex etc. On top of that, a lot of the budget...
  10. Will

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    I've worked Traveller Day - my favourite colleague was spat at and called something very similar. The little **** would have got corrected if I'd been in earshot... Now that I think about it, not entirely dissimilar.
  11. Will

    What is your favorite vekoma?

    It's Lech, closely followed by Fonix.
  12. Will

    WTF Merlin?

    Kabillion is not a word. Also, I do not want to do an Oblivion lift climb. I've done Smiler's, I did not like it :D
  13. Will

    Nemesis Opening Day Meetup

    I confess I've always had a desire to see some of the queue line extensions for exactly the reasons Nick describes. For my part - unless the weather's particularly bad, I have said that I'm going out for the day with family, which is about an hour north of Flamingoland - it's Mum's...
  14. Will

    Nemesis Opening Day Meetup

    If the weather's nice, I'm doing something with family up in Yorkshire on the 16th - but given the extended opening, I hadn't entirely given up on the idea of heading back to Staffordshire for the evening 😆
  15. Will

    Alton Towers | Nemesis Reborn | B&M Retrack | 2024

    I like Nemesis. Nemesis is good.
  16. Will

    YAY Merlin!

    ^ I was planning to do the Tuesday Possibly with birthday cake (Apologies for potential spam :P )
  17. Will

    League of Goons: 2024: Registration

    Will, ST3, UK
  18. Will

    Your roller coaster name! Which one do you prefer?

    Whirling Serpent :)
  19. Will

    Music Recommendations

    Someone the other day asked if it was daft to get emotional about a coaster re-opening - and, apologies for the fanmail @Serena - but this sprang to mind. I don't think I properly appreciated the track (which basically describes the way our favourite parks make us feel) until after I'd read...
  20. Will

    YAY Merlin!

    ^ You beat me to it, ya bastad 😆 This has seriously made my day - I've been fantasising about night rides! Doubt I'll ever be this excited about a 30 year old ride again I'm a major question mark for opening day as I have a nasty feeling I have family commitments, but that's enough to get me...