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    WTF Merlin?

    Yeah, it's been opening late recently. Was there on Sunday and Monday. It's a shame that it hasn't been open for ERT, but to their credit they've been getting a couple of other rides up and running nice and early in an attempt to compensate slightly.
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    Phantasialand Improvements for 2018

    I'm impressed that they make all these additions and improvements at the same time, whilst some parks would spread out the work over a longer period.
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    The Staff v. User counting game!

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    Alton Towers' Galactica VR coaster/Rollercoaster Restaurant

    Re: Alton Towers submits planning permission I think the VR actually looks quite cool. I'd still love to hear more about how they're gonna load people onto this in a reasonable amount of time.
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    Your nearest coaster

    Vampire at Chessington.
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    Cedar Point | Valravn | B&M Dive Machine

    Re: Cedar Point Closes Good Time Theatre-B&M Dive Coaster 20 I've only experienced one dive machine, but I found it to be distinctly average, and in a park with the ride selection that Cedar Point has I don't really think it's going to add much other than the gimmick.
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    Favourite Dark Rides

    Forbidden Journey is far and away the best dark ride, not just for the ride itself, but for the entire set up and queue. Others that spring to mind are Spiderman, ToT (if it counts) and numerous others. I'm gonna add my name to the short list of people who have mentioned Dinosaur. I really...
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    Phantasialand | Chiapas | Water Ride

    That looks stunning. It's true that Phantasialand rides can be lacking in plot, but perhaps it's due to the various languages visitors speak making it more difficult. I've come not to expect too much story from them and just concentrate on how beautiful the ride is. I want to be there now please.
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    What instruments do you play?

    Piano, guitar, clarinet. Also singing. Though piano is the instrument I had the most training in, reaching grade 8, I would now say my principle instrument is my voice given how much time I spend singing compared with performing on the others.
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    Walibi Belgium goes for new strategy!

    ^I think what we're assuming is that they aren't just ride operators and the like that are being kicked, it's more full time, higher paid roles. There was no warning given that these jobs would be going from what I understand.
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    Chessington on fire!

    It's a shame for all those people who had already made their way to the park. I seem to have returned to the forums after an absence to find suddenly that people despise Chessington...
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    Predictions for your future number 1 coaster?

    I'll be interested to see if anything at Dollywood is able to get near the top of my list when I visit. My top rides are from quite a while ago, so I wouldn't be surprised...
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    First day of the week.

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    Phantasialand | Chiapas | Water Ride

    Re: Phantasialand | Chiapas | "Water Ride" They seem to travel pretty fast round this course... faster than most log flumes anyway. Or is that an illusion?
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    Phantasialand | Chiapas | Water Ride

    Re: Phantasialand | Chiapas | "Water Ride" That's what I had assumed. It probably goes some way to explaining why the boats need to be the shape they are.
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    Coasters with moments of utter insanity

    That ride is barely worthy of a mention in any topic, let alone this one. Unless the moment of insanity you mean was the moment they decided it would be a good ride to actually build.
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    Coke V.S Pepsi

    Pepsi is better and that has been proven time and again. End of.
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    Phantasialand | Chiapas | Water Ride

    Re: Phantasialand | Chiapas | "Water Ride" Given the layout (not that you can tell too much from any of the photos), it wouldn't surprise me if there were restraints like Ripsaw Falls.
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    Anyone know why El Toro is closed?

    When I first read that I thought they were claiming to have built every steel coaster ever!
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    How often do you get drunk?

    I've gone "drinking" at schools in the US. It has nothing on the UK. That's not to say it's a bad thing, the way Americans drink has its merits, but it is such a different way of dealing with alcohol. And American beer is ****. I rarely get drunk now, simply because I tend to go to the...