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  1. StampidaRMC

    On-Ride Photos!

    This picture is pretty old but I would consider it one of the best I’ve seen. It’s not me in the picture, it is one of my high school friends in Furius Baco in Port Aventura for the first time. It was his first roller coaster ever and he was not having it in the launch track.
  2. StampidaRMC

    Will another launch method be discovered in a future?

    Since the last launch method invention several years have gone by. Maybe a company like Intamin of S&S is investing in a new launch system for a future. I would be incredibly intrigued in knowing how it would function, but it might not even occur. It could change the market quite a lot...
  3. StampidaRMC

    Rides that don't feel safe

    Most large sketchy rides at carnivals, these make me incredibly uncomfortable because they have to be assembled and unassembled in small periods of time. I still go with them though.
  4. StampidaRMC

    Ride Related Dreams You've Had

    I dream more about being on rides than having normal dreams. I'll explain the most interesting dream I had for entertainment purposes, as all the other dreams I constantly have usually involve me riding a roller coaster or going to a park I have never been to with strange aspects. In this...
  5. StampidaRMC

    The best drop towers in world

    I haven’t ridden that many drop towers, but I would consider Huracan Kondor the most thrilling because of the height. Even though there are many other drop towers which look to be better.
  6. StampidaRMC

    Mack Launches or a Lift Hill?

    Completely agree
  7. StampidaRMC

    Mack Launches or a Lift Hill?

    What is better/more thrilling. Mack Launches, which are known for their slow acceleration and are considered more of a push than a launch. Or the classical lift hills like on a B&M giga with the iconic *clanks* and terrifying feeling of staring down the drop as the mechanism pulls you over the drop.
  8. StampidaRMC

    Rank your Ridden B&M Inverts

    Haven't ridden any. At least not yet.
  9. StampidaRMC

    Should Stampida (Port Aventura) really be RMC'd?

    It was my first coaster. The transitions are kinda bad but apart from that it is a smooth ride.
  10. StampidaRMC

    Six Flags Saudi Arabia(?) | Saudi Arabia | Theme Park

    Can't wait to see all the differences between the final Flacons Flight and the concept that was released a couple of years ago.
  11. StampidaRMC

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    I meant theming. I already edited it to fix it. Sorry...
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    Should Stampida (Port Aventura) really be RMC'd?

    I understand that Port Aventura has room to expand and add a ground up RMC. But I don't see Por Aventura doing that, I feel like they would first add a ride like Cheta Hunt or a Dive Coaster/Tilt coaster in the Polynesia area.
  13. StampidaRMC

    Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    I hope it starts gaining speed on more tests or when it opens to guests. It looks like a great ride, but it could get the elements with more speed to make it possibly elite.
  14. StampidaRMC

    Only if I could go to America :(

    Only if I could go to America :(
  15. StampidaRMC

    Should Stampida (Port Aventura) really be RMC'd?

    It is true that I have no experience of going to theme parks with kids. Which is a large factor contributing to the fact that I don't know how scared other kids would be. For me personally it was more difficult to go from DK to Shammy as a kid. Also, Iron Rattler is one of the older RMC which...
  16. StampidaRMC

    Should Stampida (Port Aventura) really be RMC'd?

    I do not think that Iron Rattler is a bad ride. (I haven't gone on it, but it does not look bad at all). Furthermore, I have gone on Untamed at Walibi Holland and have found the trains and restrains to be incredibly comfortable for a ride of this caliber of airtime and inversions. I understand...
  17. StampidaRMC

    Should Stampida (Port Aventura) really be RMC'd?

    I undestand. But wouldent Tomahawk serve the same purpose for younger children?
  18. StampidaRMC

    Should Stampida (Port Aventura) really be RMC'd?

    But you got over your fear because of time, if it was a smaller wooden roller coaster like Tomahawk with time you would have eventually entered the thrill rides because you did not know any other possibility. Also, most people go in their first thrill ride because of friends which encourage...
  19. StampidaRMC

    Should Stampida (Port Aventura) really be RMC'd?

    I don't really care about the racing aspect of the ride. This might be because of how I was always born with this coaster racing and take it as granted, but I never thought of it as a big deal. When it comes to it being a stepping stone, Tomahawk is still in the park, which could replace it as a...