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  1. GuyWithAStick

    Lego, Blackstone set to purchase Merlin Entertainment Oooh, what a twist!
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    Maxx Ghosterforce | SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA | 21st-22nd Sep 2019

    Alright bitches, my turn. To wrap up this electrifying year of stateside Lives, we're going to party hard at the one and only Six Flags Great America during the possibly first-ever US Ghosterforce! So in addition to the stellar coasters and attractions, we'll also be able to experience some...
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    New Kid-based SF park for New England?

    Someone on Discord noticed that there was a new page on the Six Flags website, with the tag 'Springfield'. Right now, this website just says "Access Denied", however scrolling down to the bottom gives you some links you're able to click on, including the Rides and Directions tabs. The Rides page...
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    Hyper Hybrid Hangover | Trip Reports

    Hope you all are having/had fun, you big beautiful bastards. [emoji14] Post your reports from the US Live in here. Sent from my VS501 using Tapatalk
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    Six Flags Great America | Maxx Force | S&S Air Launch

    Six Flags Great America has just announced that they are tearing down the old "Pictorium" IMAX theater of 39 years. When it opened, it brought brand new technology to the theme park industry. However, in recent years, the space has rarely been used. Its last major use was in 2011-2013, when the...
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    Carowinds | Copperhead Strike | Mack Dual Launch

    Surprised I didn't find a thread for this, but according to Screamscape, Carowinds is set to get a new Mack Rides Double Launch coaster in 2019! This is quite the leak, especially if it turns out to be true! Also yay a proper Mack in the US!
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    Parques Reunidos Purchases Knoebels Another one bites the dust...
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    Canada's Wonderland | Yukon Striker | B&M Dive Coaster tl;dr: CW is planning to build a new roller coaster for 2019/2020. Right now, they've only submitted the application for moving some water to make way for the ride. The map shows...
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    Hyper Hybrid Hangover: US Live | June 11th, 2018 | Cedar Point

    It's Happening! June 11th, Cedar Point. The meetup is a go! Be there or be square: June 11th at Cedar Point. We'll probably have a meetup time/place of some sort, but I'm too lazy to organize something like that at the moment. :p Interested: DelPiero Howie Mack Snoo Intricks(Depends) Antinos...
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    Oaks Amusement Park | Adrenaline Peak | Gerst. Eurofighter

    Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon has announced that they're getting a Gerstlauer Eurofighter next year! Based on the stats they've given, it appears to be a clone of Hydrus at Casino Pier: But, they're letting the public name the coaster(oh what could possibly go wrong...)! Here's the...
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    Accident at Ohio State Fair- 1 dead, 7 injured

    WARNING: Whilst the video below doesn't directly show any gore, it does clearly show people being seriously injured and killed. Please watch at your own discretion. Truly terrible. Thoughts to...
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    Sand Serpent @ BGT to become enclosed for 2018 Sounds like an interesting move. Although I am not a fan of the Dark Knight at various SF parks, I think something like this could be a very nice experience if done correctly.
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    Six Flags Announces acquisition of Waterworld- more on the way? Six Flags seems to be interested in waterparks as of recent, more specifically those in close proximity to pre-existing parks. Perhaps they're trying to get some Double-Ticket sales going on? Possibly more...
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    How would YOU deal with overcrowded parks?

    (idea taken from another forum) Let's say you're now the Head of Operations of any park you wish. You are confronted with a major problem: Your park is facing serious overcrowding issues. Dispatch times are constantly clocking over 3 minutes a train, lines are spilling into the midways, it's...
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    Condor @ Walibi Holland gets new Front Rows

    Bit of an interesting move from a park- Walibi Holland has replaced the front rows on both of Condor's trains with two different types of cars. One has KumbaK seats, the other has Vekoma Vests. The rest of the rows are still going to have the horse collars. Here's a roughly translated Looopings...
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    Industrial Revolution- Custom B&M Wing

    Not sure why I haven't posted this yet, but I've been working on this for the past 2 years. This is a custom B&M Wing Coaster named 'Industrial Revolution'. The theme is an industrial/construction/pipeline thing(not too sure how to accurately describe it). Anyway, here are some images of the...
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    The object of this game is simple- find what the person above you asks for. For example: Person 1: Find me a picture of Rue Royal Clothiers at SFGAm with Power Dive in the background. Person 2: Find me a pic of.... ...and so on and so on. You can go as simple or as crazy as you want. Only...
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    V(i)R(us) spreads to Fun Spot America Orlando

    Similar to last year's IAAPA preview, but it'll be a 'permanent' feature on Freedom Flyer now. 2 positives: The VR will fit the actual ride for once Only 4 seats will feature the VR experience...
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    The Best French Fry?

    Slightly inspired by the Mickey D's(the correct way to say it) thread, I wanted to know what type of french fry everyone likes. Standard cut: Curly fries: Steak Fries: Crinkle-cut: Waffle Fries: Potato Wedges: Shoestring: Belgian Fries: Chips(British): Personally, I...
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    Knott's Berry Farm | Sol Spin | Mondial Top Scan

    Looks like a great addition. I love the colors they chose. It's going where the Windseeker once stood.