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  1. bmac

    Disney Hollywood Studios Will Not Be Renamed.

    In a recent Disneyparks Blog it was announced that Hollywood Studios would not be renamed as rumors had suggested. The Blog post also showcases concept art of the new Alien Swirling Racers to be added in Toy Story Land.
  2. bmac

    BGW Getting a S:UF Clone for 2015, the Disc King version ... -revealed/ BGWFans recently acquired the actual plans for BGW's 2015 project and it is confirmed that their 2015 addition will be a Premier Rides LSM coaster literally in the same vein as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Superman: Ultimate Flight. The...
  3. bmac

    (tr)Action Park is back, opening this summer Note. The article was posted April 3rd
  4. bmac

    BGW: Something to do with Festa Italia

    BGWFans has found a height permit for a future attraction 156 feet tall to be placed in the Festa Italia area, or somewhere nearby according to the balloon tests. Also rumored to come along with this new ride is a possible (and likely much needed) refreshment of the Festa Italia hamlet. No clue...
  5. bmac

    SFGrAdv Possibly Getting a Resort Hotel?

    Article, via Ocean County Signal There were plans submitted a few years back for a hotel near Kingda Ka, but they fell through when the economy collapsed. The resort will not be owned by the park, but according to the artist renditions will use the property between Route 537 and Great...
  6. bmac

    Funplex, NJ | FunCoaster | SBF Visa Spinning Coaster

    Just posted on ACE Northeast's facebook, and magically sailed under the radar of everyone until the Funplex posted it themselves. They'll be opening this to be named coaster Spring next year.
  7. bmac

    Hersheypark lists Roller Soaker for sale

    In news that surprises just about anyone who even cares, Hershey has unofficially confirmed that Roller Soaker will be leaving the park at the end of the year. Here's a nice catch for the rich people, you can buy it yourself for only $800,000. See Here
  8. bmac

    B-Mac's RCT2 development thread

    Wow I can't believe nobody here has any RCT2 creations to show... Well before I got NoLimits I spent about 3 years playing nothing but RCT2 and managed to make 3 fully built scenarios (1 pre-made) with one started but nowhere near finished, and a sandbox where I try new designs (two of which...
  9. bmac

    Medusa/Bizarro possibly leaving Great Adventure @ end of '12

    The rumor mill in New Jersey has been churning for quite a while with Great Adventure and what could possibly be happening for 2013. Besides that 450+ ft. tall drop tower on Kingda Ka rumor there have been quite a few more rumors churning in and out of the mill this year, with the one occurring...
  10. bmac

    Sponsors in the parks

    I've always been a person who didn't really mind companies sponsoring rides and areas of parks. Some casual examples would be Mountain Dew and Kumba, Snickers and Nitro and that one year deal that Cedar Point had with Top Thrill Dragster and the NHRA (I think that was 2005?). But in some cases...
  11. bmac

    Six Flags New England gets approval for a 400 ft. tall tower

    I'm not one to believe everything that's posted on Screamscape, but I wonder exactly what will come of this announcement. SFNE is one of 4 Six Flags parks rumoured to get their own SkyScreamers for 2013, the others being SFoT, SFGAm and I believe SFoG.
  12. bmac

    Somewhat Hidden Similarities of Rides in Amusement Parks

    Alright I might be very vague with the topic here, but bear with me. I've been to about 26 different parks in the United States and as a rather observant person I noticed similarities between a good chunk of the rides in a park. What do you mean by similarities, you ask? I'm talking stuff like...
  13. bmac

    (Coaster)BMac's Dev Topic

    A friend of mine gave me NoLimits as a gift for graduating high school and after basically pressing buttons and :xcensoredx:ing around with everything that NoLimits has to offer I started making designs. I've always been proud of how well I made roller coasters on RCT1, 2 and 3 and I feel I'm...