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  1. tomahawk

    CANCELLED - Remember the Gal Gadot! | SAN ANTONIO, TX PARKS | 9th - 10th May 2020

    The stars at night are big and bright (clap, clap, clap, clap), Deep in the heart of Texas! That's right, we are headed to the heart of Texas to enjoy two days of great coasters! You'll get to experience not one, but two RMC coasters, a brand new GCI, and a grand total of 16 coasters! Saturday...
  2. tomahawk

    Steel Vengeance vs. Proctologist

    I mean, come on.
  3. tomahawk

    The Drunk Riders: The CoasterForce Podcast!

    It's been talked about for years. It is the great white buffalo of media platforms not currently represented...until now! Join myself @Snoo and @Antinos as we discuss the latest in the coaster world. Ride reviews, the latest(ish) news and rumors, and coming soon, answering your questions! Give...
  4. tomahawk

    Tom's lack of 2018 creds: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

    Warning, text heavy. So this was supposed to be my biggest cred year yet. I was supposed to go to Europe (would have been preparing to fly home actually) but finances and lack of job security made that simply impossible. I'm making a career transition into teaching this fall, so my time off is...
  5. tomahawk

    Tom's TR thread 2017: May 24 SFOT

    So this year, I'm actually going to attempt to do trip reports, to give me a bit of reminder of what I've done and ****. I decided after being at the park today, so no photos. My father in law flew into town late last night for a quick visit. Being that I just started a new job 6 weeks ago...
  6. tomahawk

    Triple Threat - NL2 Comp - ***Cancelled***

    Gerstlauer has contracted you to complete three new plug n’ play concepts for them to offer to parks. Your task? Complete a unique kiddie coaster, family boomerang, and thrill machine. Keep in mind the limitations. Kiddie coaster should be good for ALL ages. Family should be thrilling for kids...
  7. tomahawk

    Family Fun - NL2 Comp

    It's time for a family coaster! Built on a mountain side, you are tasked to make a ride thrilling for all ages! Using a bobsled style coaster, you have minimal restrictions and can make it however long/short you want. Requirements -Max Speed 45 MPH -Min 3 MCBR/Blocks -Max drop height 60 feet...
  8. tomahawk

    Knock it Off! - NL2 Comp - ***Cancelled***

    We're back! This time will be something of an anomaly. You have to build a sub par track! That's right, we're going to KNOCK it OFF! In this round, you are building an SLC, however, you are a company who has never built a coaster before, and found some Vekoma blue prints laying around and went...
  9. tomahawk

    US Live Trip Reports

    Post the reports in here, I will get to mine once I finally get home and figure out some pictures I have. I miss you **** already.
  10. tomahawk

    Tricky Pony - NL2 Comp - Results Pg 2

    Ever think, man I wish Accelerator's with top hats had more? An actual air hill? Inversions? Non janky track? Well, now you get to! Time to teach the pony some new tricks! Shouldn't be hard to figure the inspiration out on this one! Rules -Coaster MUST have a top hat, otherwise automatic DQ...
  11. tomahawk

    Fly Outta Here - NL2 Comp - Results Pg 4

    We are back to the park from the first round this year, with some general terrain changes. Round 2 marks a new coaster type for any contest we have had with NL2, B&M Flyer! This round is very open, much looser on the restrictions of area and size, so do what you want! I highly recommend...
  12. tomahawk

    Spinning out of Control - NL2 Comp - Results Pg 3

    Our next contest is here, and it's time for you to get this spinning in control. Here's the breakdown: Rules - Minimum 2400 feet - Supports and track must stay in borders (storage building/station are exempt) - Max height 110 feet - Either type is allowed - Only one lift/launch Bonus points -...
  13. tomahawk

    Drop Ze Floor - NL2 Comp - Results Pg 4

    We're back and kicking it off with a compact floorless comp! Rules as follows: - Must use Twisted Floorless (B&M Floorless) coaster type - Supports and track inside RED area - Can't go higher than the red - 6 cars per train - Due by Monday March 7 This is phase one of three for the beginning...
  14. tomahawk

    US Live June 13-15 KK, HW, DW, and Carowinds!

    US Live- Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, Dollywood, and Carowinds- June 13-15, 2016 A US Live is happening on a grand scale for the first time since 2012! A total of 31 creds will be available including two brand new RMC's, Storm Chaser and Lightning Rod, a B&M Giga in Fury 325, and the...
  15. tomahawk

    Advertising of films

    Before Avengers, movies typically featured a 3 trailer format. The first being a 30 second teaser, then two separate 2:30 mins trailers. Rarely you got a third. TV adverts were then pulled from those advertisements, a few spots, maybe 5, nothing too revealing, that made you eager to see the...
  16. tomahawk

    Double Dare You! Final NL2 comp of the year!

    The final comp of the year is here! You voted, we listened, and our final comp is going to be... GCI DUELING!!! Now, there were nearly equal votes between GG and GCI, duelers, but it simply came down to what had we done, and had we not done. Yes, the Gravity Group was much smaller, but that...
  17. tomahawk

    Final NL2 Comp of the Year! Suggestions due Oct 7

    We've reached October, and with that, we have decided to end the year with a dueling coaster. Now the type? That is simply up to you! This contest will be significantly longer than all of our previous contests, as you are required to build 2 coasters instead of 1. Rules and a template will be...
  18. tomahawk

    To Infinity and The Boardwalk! NL2 Comp

    This is it! Our final addition to Curly Q park! With the newest NL2 update featuring Gerstlauer Infinity coasters, we are taking advantage of the new style! The mission: Curly Q is looking for one final addition to round out their lineup. Taking inspiration from Iron Shark, they have opted for...
  19. tomahawk

    Just Wing It! NL2 Comp!

    The next contest is here, and it's time to spread your wings! This time, you are responsible for building a TERRAIN WING COASTER! Let's get straight to the rules! -Station MUST be located in the blue area -Supports and track MUST stay inside the white area -Track MUST stay below the tree...
  20. tomahawk

    NL2 Contests Requests/News

    Alrighr, I just kind of want to touch base with everyone as we get ready for voting and the next round to begin. We have the next three contests lined up, and after talking to a few people today, there has been discussion about a colab contest. It would actually fit in perfectly for what we...