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    Legoland| Sichuan China | 2 Theme Parks + 1 Water Park

    Hi all About time we had a post for this big new Legoland going up in China (one of several but the one seemingly the furthest along and with the most info), this will be build south of Chengdu. Unusually for Merlin its not quite the standard copy and paste Legoland we are used to. And has one...
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    Which Park Will Be The First Western Park To Go Chinese?

    With the release of Golden Horses new GSC-20A launched coaster model (see below) and videos appearing of their LSM Half pipe style rides i am starting to ask the question who in the western world will be the first park to chance getting a Chinese built ride? There have been Chinese built...
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    Yerevan Park | Armenia | Indoor/Outdoor Park

    This park has been known about for a while since it first appeared on a Vekoma reference list last year. But it seems construction is now properly under way. The park aims to be the first world class amusement park in Armenia and will have three roller coasters. A Vekoma 247m junior coaster...
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    Dubai Hills Mall | Unknown | Intamin Indoor Launch Coaster | 2021

    This is an interesting one thats fallen under the radar a bit. I was alerted to it orginally to my friend and fellow obscure stuff researcher Michael who does most of construction posts at Themeparx It appears the currently under construction Dubai Hills Mall with have a decent sized indoor...
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    Major Parks In China Close Down Until The Coronavirus Crisis Is Over.

    Surprised this hasn't been posted about yet but useful info for anyone due a trip to China anytime soon. Currently many of the major parks in China are closed due to the increasing spread of the new Coronavirus strain currently causing so many problems in China (and the rest of the world)...
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    Huge New Expansion For Ocean Park Hong Kong

    Ocean Park Hong Kong has announced a series of 7 new "Scenic Spots" in a massive new expansion due to take place between 2023 and 2027 Scenic Spots 1 and 2: Ocean Plaza + Azure Bay - The current waterfront park (ie, the foot of the mountain near the entrance) will be divided into 2 theme areas...
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    Suzhou Paradise Forest World | Suzhou China | Theme Park

    About time for a thread on this park I reckon. This park is officially the relocation of the old Suzhou Amusement Park which closed back in 2017 (Thread here) due to redevelopment of the old city centre site. Really though as none of the rides are being relocated as far as I can tell its a...
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    Half Pipe At Särkänniemi To Be Removed.

    It seems the Intamin Half Pipe At Särkänniemi in Finland is on its way out. Having been at the park since 2003 it seems the ride has reached the end of its life at the park with the article below mentioning rising maintenance costs, declining ridership and the loudness of the ride combined with...
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    Jinan Sunac Theme Park | Jinan | Theme Park

    The Sunac (ex Wanda) park juggernaut continues as the next park in the list has gone vertical. This time the park is in the Eastern city of Jinan which is already home to a Fantawild Oriental Heritage and the Chinese clone fest that is Euro Park. Little is know of the ride line up so far but we...
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    Dreamworld Australia To Close Tower Of Terror

    Its been rumoured for a while but it seems Dreamworld is closing Tower Of Terror...
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    Interesting New S&S Concept At Factory.

    Following on from the steeplechase concept that popped up a couple of years ago it seems S&S are experimenting with another new ride idea. This looks to me like a modern take on the old Hoei Sangyo Sledgehammer concept which like the S&S steeplechase never found a buyer.
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    Star City in Manila Burns Down.

    In some fairly shocking news for me (I was there just last week) it seems Star City in Manila, Philippines has mostly burnt to the ground with the loss of all the indoor rides. It seems the outdoor section including the...
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    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    This one's kind of popped up out of the blue but OCT the firm behind the Happy Valley and Vision land Chains of parks in China have announced another new resort. The resort called Fantasy Resort will include both a theme park and a water park. The theme park called Fabland apparently isn't...
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    Vertical Theme Park Concepts

    Vertical Theme Parks are a British company who offer... well exactly what the name says. A Tower containing full on vertical theme parks. A quick browse of their website shows many designs but heres 3 of the most interesting ones. Starting from the tallest concept and...
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    Nickelodeon Universe | Chongqing China |Indoor Theme Park

    Another park that was announced a while ago but is starting to come along now. The park will be very similar to the one at American Dream in New Jersey but hopefully without all the issues :) Part of the China Motors mall project in North Chongqing the indoor park will be themed to Nickelodeon...
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    Cred Quest - Gotta Ride Em All!

    So another long offshore job another large amount of time sitting around doing sod all. Usually I devote these times to research for VH or making stupid statistics or flow charts. This time I thought I would do something different. So please welcome the completely pointless Cred Quest. (what I...
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    Bad Theme Park Translations

    This is an entirely stupid thread I'm afraid. But as someone on VH just mentioned how bad the google translate for the Regina closure announcement was I thought I would share some of my favourite mistranslations (mostly thanks to google with some park based ones) over the years. Pretty much...
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    Roller Coaster Speciality store in Nagoya, Japan.

    Weird news this but did you know theres a Roller Coaster Speciality store in Nagoya, Japan? Seems like somewhere that needs to be on every enthusiasts bucket list. Link to their twitter
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    Eurostar is BACK!

    In somewhat surprising news. The famous travelling inverted coaster Eurostar is back. The ride is at Detskiy Park (Formerly Anapa Childrens Park) in Anapa, Russia and looks like its been refurbed a bit in the time since it closed at Gorky Park in Moscow way back in 2011 The ride may not be the...
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    Longchong Scenic Spot To Install Pretty Insane Thrill Rides

    This one is a bit out of the blue but the Longchong Scenic Spot in Chongqing, China will be installing 2 new rides. An enormous 108m sky coaster and a see-saw ride very similar to X-Scream at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. The new rides positioned atop a 500m cliff will send riders out over an...