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    Hainan Ocean Paradise | China | Theme Park

    Lovely shot of Barracuda. Looks like some themeing for the lift hill is going in. The park looks almost done now as well so fingers crossed we will see some soft openings in the not too distant future.
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    World Fairytale Land | Hainan China | Theme Park Company is in real trouble
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    World Fairytale Land | Hainan China | Theme Park

    Rcdb lists the 4 Evergrande parks we know are getting coasters. I have at least 15 bookmarked on Google Earth being partly under construction. Everywhere from Wuhan to Shanghai had parks in various stages of construction. Unfortunately I can't see any of these beyond the most complete ones...
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    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    Left hand quite large looking corkscrew and then a left hand high banked 270 degree horseshoe turn over the lake which crosses over the exit of the corkscrew into the brakes
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    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    You also have a point though. Those first photos show the ride over the midway. The latest batch showing that tilted helix and subsequent hill are not over the midway so there's less of a reason for them not to reach ground level. It's almost as if they've raised the whole ride by a few meters...
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    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    Helix and Airtime hop are up now.
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    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    And another small update. The first drop and the Airtime hill have both been installed. The immelmen does look a little odd so far off the ground.
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    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    A construction update. Most of the first part of the ride except oddly the first drop is now up. If you're wondering why the pullouts are so high above ground level it's because this sections will run through the canopy above the park entrance area over loads of paths.
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    Chengdu Wanda City | All Speeds | Taron Clone | 2021

    Not so much a pun but it certainly doesn't translate directly to All Speeds. More something like Hurricane Speed I think.
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    Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021

    They sort of did and they sort of do
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    Yomiuriland | Space Factory | Gerstlauer Inverted Coaster | 2021

    I have to commend the park for adding anything to be honest. Despite the news of the loss of one of their classic rides soon. The Japanese Park scene is in a bad place with only a few parks able to add new rides of any significance. I think it's @Pokemaniac who often talks about the way...
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    Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits

    I've had a few big WTF moments during my research over the years. This is probably the biggest one. It's just insane but so cool.
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    Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread

    Just a note that the Thrill Glider model isn't a flyer. It's more like an Inverted motorbike. It's hard to see but you can sort of see the cars in this first image.
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    Shanghai Disneyland building a “high-speed roller coaster”?

    As far as physics is concerned a brake run is a launch. its just launching by increasing the velocity at a 180degree angle to the direction of travel.
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    Shanghai Disneyland building a “high-speed roller coaster”?

    I mean how's it going to be an EE clone anyway if its confirmed to have 2 launches anyway? Litterally the first thing we know about the ride confirmed its not an EE clone or layout.
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    Manufacturers' 'Breakthrough' Coaster

    I'd argue to a certain extent B&M's breakthrough was more Kumba than Batman. Batman sure was revolutionary but Kumba blew the market wide open Kumba was a complete revolution of the standard looping coaster at the time. For years Arrow had dominated the market but seemed stuck in a bit of a...
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    Universal Studios Japan | Unknown | Boom Coaster? | 2022/2023

    I imagine it will just be classed as sitdown as it is a sitdown riding position. its just really got taller cars. Similar to how the SFX coasters are classed as sitdown but are under the Model Line SFX Coaster
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    Easiest major coaster record to beat?

    Officially the inversion is 197ft I think. Which beats the inversion on Falcon at Sunac Wuxi by a whole 0.1 of a foot. Nothing like scraping the record by the tiniest of margins. I guess that list is a little old as Gatekeeper isn't even the tallest wing coaster with a dive drop. As mentioned...
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    Runaway Timber Train Accident @ Landmark Forest Adventure Park

    Worryingly yes. There was an almost identical accident in the same model ride at Imagica back in 2014. Considering there's only 3 of this model the fact that 2 of them have detailed is a...
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    Legoland| Sichuan China | 2 Theme Parks + 1 Water Park

    Heres the full plan view rather than the weirdly cut out one from above. and included in that is your usual Dragon and Dragons Apprentice coaster duo