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    WTF Merlin?

    Sunday's opening though to 5pm is just ridiculous though, yet Thursday is open until 10pm, even though Sunday is the weekend.
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    WTF Merlin?

    Sorry for being negative, but at least I'm less negative than on a certain (not coaster force) discord server. Thorpe park seen to not really have a consistent brand that they want to achieve. In 2014-15, you had a major focus with families with the Island Like No Other marketing campaign which...
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    Top Manufacturers -- Euro v. N. Amer. Views

    I find that a bit offensive to the UK saying we have outdated coasters! If anything, the UK has some of the world's most unique coasters, with a very high density across the entire country. The UK's major companies are b&m, gerstauler and intamin
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    Accident on Splash Canyon

    I have never even considered standing up on rapids and I am younger than 15. What amazes me is that the school allowed them to sit in their own boats with absolutely no members of staff
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    How could Derren Brown's Ghost train at Thorpe be improved?

    Just turn the volume down, its far too loud for me and it hurt my ears
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    Kings Island | Mystic Timbers | GCI Wooden Coaster

    You know when you are told to expect something spectacular, you do tend to expect it to actually be spectacular, or at least interesting, not something completely underwhelming.
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    Hainan Ocean Paradise | China | Theme Park

    Won't it suffer from erosion if virtually everything is surrounded by water?
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    Energylandia | Hyperion | Intamin Hyper coaster

    It is awfully sad that people cannot just be appropriate and not be unnecessarily sick minded for the sake of sounding 'funny'
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    Energylandia | Hyperion | Intamin Hyper coaster

    I am seriously disgusted by some of the sick-minded messages which have now been taken down. I reported the first one and was shocked to find tonight even more messages. To be honest, I am more suprised about how long it took for the messages to be taken down. Back to topic, it looks very good...
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    Universal Orlando | Volcano Bay | Water Park

    Why on earth us there coaster track?
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    SeaWorld San Antonio | Wave Breaker | Intamin Family Launch

    Any construction updates with building the coaster?
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    What Makes a Coaster Good?

    Just being a simply fun, enjoyable coaster
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    PortAventura | Ferrari Land | New Area

    This is worse than original DCA
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    Notable Deaths 2017

    I didn't even know who he was until I searched him online. The only thing I know him from is doctor who and harry potter
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    Efteling | Symbolica | ETF Rides Trackless Dark Ride

    A dark ride with efteling theming to put it simply
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    The Chinese SLC Grows Up With New Track System.

    I don't want to know and first post