Just a Canadian nobody from Niagara Falls. Have been interested in coasters from a very young age. I attended a funfair for the first time as a preschooler and was hooked, but didn't visit parks until the third grade. Screamscape and Wikipedia came along when I was 10, I attempted an ill-fated Youtube channel when I was 13, and joined the online community at an immature 14 (early 2018). Despite my interests I still rarely visited new parks, as crossing the border was often a hassle. The 2020-2021 COVID lockdown killed park/coaster visits and most travel for me, although around that time I began writing Wikipedia articles for a multitude of well-known coasters and parks. Last year I started running a daily headline service on the then-upstart Airtime Thrills Discord community - it has since grown to a server of 2K+ members and my growing headline machine has specialized in pulling lots of news from a very wide scope of headlines, as well as allowed me to form an information network of reliable contacts across the industry. I've become skilled at digging up news but rarely associate with the influencers and their fans/drama. Just on here to contribute and post/discuss/receive stuff, and therefore this forum is cool. When I'm not writing news articles on coasters, I'm out biking, hanging around the Hamilton waterslide plant, or debating modern cinema.
Feb 2, 2004 (Age: 20)
Hamilton-Niagara, Canada
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Cedar Point
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