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    Cancelled theme park projects you wish had come to fruition

    Speaking of cancelled Universal projects... I wish they continued owning PortAventura, as it was rebranded before, Universal Mediterranea, there was lots of potential and I guess a lot of canceled projects and visions from dat... if anybody knows of any cancelled future projects Universal...
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    Wouldn't it be cool if Europa Park got a Giant Skychaser

    Wouldn't it be cool if Europa Park got a Giant Skychaser
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    Windshear 40 Samba balloon Air race 6.4 Super Discovery revolution 30...

    Windshear 40 Samba balloon Air race 6.4 Super Discovery revolution 30 -------------------------------------------- All needed for Europa Park
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    Best drop tower ride?

    I haven't gone on a lot of drop towers, but out of the ones I've ridden Superman Tower of Power is the best, the one in Texas... the airtime is great coming up. Also I think the drop tower at Glenwood Caverns looks like the best in the world
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    Europa Park | Mack Rides BigDipper | 2023

    If the one in Fiesta Texas succeeds, do ya'll think they could get an Air Race? I don't think they are that intense, and they'd be one of a kind in Europe. If Phantasialand who is every bit of a family park as Europa Park added a Top Spin there's no doubt in me mind that EP will add some sort of...
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    Europa Park | Mack Rides BigDipper | 2023

    I think that Giant Discoveries aren't likely for EP because those are a step up the intensity, but WIndshears aren't as intense and I think that if EP proceeds with adding an intense flat for their Attrapark expansion to compliment their dueling ride it'll be that... or a TOP Spin, but EP has...
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    Hi Arthur

    Hi Arthur
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    Europa Park | Mack Rides BigDipper | 2023

    My view is that they will probably get a dueling Xtreme spinner... they got a sitdown multi launch with Blue Fire, so add a twist, make it spin, add a dueling side, and voila. A ride the whole family can enjoy. Maybe they could add a spinner and a Big Dipper but thats uncertain... the capacity...
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    Movie Park Germany | Movie Park Studio Tour | Intamin Multi Dimension Coaster | 2021

    This looks like the Intamin version of the Dynamic Attractions SFX coaster Intamin really is ''getting inspired'' by lots of manufacturers...
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    Fuji-Q Announces Major New Coaster for 2022!

    The views of the new coaster will just be incredible
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    Disney retheming Splash Mountain at WDW & Disneyland to The Princess & The Frog

    It's crazy how Disneys just doin series on EVERY SINGLE ONE of their franchises Even Mighty Ducks! Anyway I'm happy Splash Mountain is leaving soon becuz I always thought that the ride looked outdated... and since it's a classic, I thought it wouldn't get torn down which is a bad thing because...
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    Do you have any theme park guilty pleasures?

    My guilty pleasure is the Pandemonium clones, the ones in Fiesta Texas and SFOT are the ones I've ridden... I am a sucker for spinning rides and the dizziness feeling, and even tho these things aren't that intense I always love a good spin and these are priorities for me always because of that...
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    How are ya'll peeps doin'

    How are ya'll peeps doin'
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    Bollywood Parks Dubai | Bombay Express | GCI Wooden Hybrid Coaster | 2021

    It's gonna take a whole ton of quick pops of floater for this baby to break the airtime record