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The ride experince of this coaster is certainly a voyage and then some. Not only does it have a relentless first drop, sharp, fast banked turns, tunnels, loads of drops and airtime a plenty, it's also one of the longest coasters in the world.



Type:  Wooden: Terrain Coaster
Manufacturer:  Gravity Group
Opened:  06 May 2006
Height:  163'
Drop:  154'
Speed:  67.4mph
Length:  6442'
Inversions:  2:54
Other:  Voyage has an amazing THREE 90° banked corners!

Voyage is epic.  It simply is.  After climbing 163' you drop right back down to the ground and then speed off into the woods away from the park.  This means that apart form the massive hills poking out of the trees and the last few corners, most of this coaster remains hidden from view.  What is hidden though, is insane.
Voyage has a whopping three 90° corners, and incredible collection of dips, humps and drops.  Its speed is amazing, its length is incredible (one of the longest coasters in the world) and the ride experience is great.  However Voyage will knock you around a bit, it is rather brutal, but as soon as you're off it you'll be queuing to get straight back on!  The best ride is either at the front, for the views, or the back, for the forces!


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