23 Oct, 16
  Tidal Wave

A massive feature ride in the centre of the park that will soak you to the bone! Tidal Wave is responsible for a lot of the theming in this area of the park.

Type: Shoot-the-chute


Opened: 2000
Drop: 85'
A uniquely-themed Hopkins Flume Ride, Tidal Wave's experience is complete with submerged "buildings" that have apparently just been hit by the tidal wave - see inside the KFC building! If you look at the theme around tidal wave, you'll see the destruction it has caused.
Tidal Wave was the tallest water ride in Europe when it opened. Oakwood's Hydro claimed that title two years later.

There is also an observation platform for the brave...or stupid!
A clone of this ride can be found at Cedar Point, USA, and is called Snake River Falls.


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