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Thorpe Park's iconic coaster! Sit down, strap yourself in and prepare to reach 80mph in under two seconds before reaching for the sky!

Type: Hydraulic Launch
Manufacturer: Intamin
Opened: 15th March 2006
Height: 205'
Drop: 200'
Speed: 80 mph
Length: 1,312'

Top hat

Project cost: £12,000,000

Stealth opened in March 2006 to better-than-expected reviews. Although considered by many to be an inferior "mini-Kingda Ka", Stealth surprised many critics with it's amazing experience and adrenaline rush. Whether or not the ride would feature any airtime was debated throughout the rides construction. The answer to this question is a big 'YES!', but only in the front seats.

For those who feel that this ride is cheap half-scale clone of the world's tallest ride 'Kingda Ka', it must be remembered that prior to this ride being approved, Thorpe Park's height ceiling was just 115ft. Back when the plans for Project Stealth were first uncovered in 2002, it was never a question of why this design and scale, but ultimately, will the local residents agree to increase the height ceiling by 100ft?

This ride represents a massive achievement by Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park has done a lot for the local community and economy and unlike the residents local to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park's neighbours have repaid their theme park by allowing them to build this ride. It is not 460ft tall, but realistically - 100ft more than originally allowed is the best they could get without pushing their luck.

The ride has been rated as fantastic by many who ride it, and even if you don't like it that much, remember that is a landmark ride for the UK - a ride that could not have been dreamt of 5 years ago, and we will probably never see another ride of it's height in a UK Merlin park.

Three trains operate on this ride, one of which has the names of celebrities above the headrests. A special chairty auction was set up for riders to have thier names next to their favourite celebrity. Try to find Ian from CoasterForce...he's somewhere near the front!

Stealth is one of those rides where you can get a "rollback". This is where the launch isn't powerful enough to make the train clear the top hat. Check out the videos below for an example.


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