24 Oct, 16
  Nemesis Inferno
 Thorpe Park's firey answer to Alton Towers' iconic Nemesis coaster. Escape the erupting volcano through a twisting, fast, intense journey!
Type: Inverted
Manufacturer: B&M
Opened:  5th April 2003
Height:  95' 2"
Speed:  48 mph
Length:  24,680' 

Vertical Loop

Zero-G Roll

2 x Corkscrew

Nemesis Inferno was constructed for the 2003 season.  Although its name is pretty much all it shares in common with its sister ride, Alton Towers's Nemesis, Nemesis Inferno follows the tradition of excellent theme, proximity to the ground, and unique features that the original Nemesis started almost a decade before.
While it follows a more conventional inverted coaster layout, Nemesis Inferno contains many unique parts to it that seperate it from its bretheren - a fun section of pre-lift track through a volcano, a zero-G roll with a heavily-banked turn exit instead of the conventional straight drop exit, and, most obvious, the only set of interlocking wingovers in existence today. The pre-lift section is teh longest on all of the B&M inverted coasters.
While most agree that Nemesis Inferno does not exactly live up to the fame and success as the original Nemesis, one must admit that for having to follow up what is quite possibly one of the best inverted coasters in existence, Nemesis Inferno is doing quite well.


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